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  • It's okay to smile now, man.

  • It's all surrender me right now.

  • Is this the tiger we the North or now we the champions?

  • You've been in championship locker rooms before?

  • Do you believe this is a championship caliber group?

  • This year, we really never know when you're going through the process.

  • As a competitor, I think I can win.

  • So my competitive nature says, Yeah, you know, you truly just never know.

  • It's so hard to win this basketball, you know?

  • It could be a centimeter away, you know, missing a shot or getting this Still taking a charge, you just never know.

  • That's why you just have to prepare it for those moments, you know, hope for the best.

  • You know, that's what we're doing.

  • Yeah, What's he like as a recruiter?

  • Like, what was his coming on?

  • His voice.

  • It was funny.

  • It has been fun seeing you reunited with your old teammate Serge Ibaka.

  • We see the conversations between the two of you and some laughter on the court.

  • Obviously having him back on your team has been great from a basketball perspective, but just comfort and happiness wise, has that contributed to the way you've looked at this season.

  • When you're winning, you want to know You know who you're playing with that you know, enjoys, uh, you off the floor as well as on the court, you know, the communication becomes easier.

  • You know, you guys just move on the right track.

  • It's a genuine thing.

  • I guess you could say it's a team kind of like team chemistry.

  • Bond.

  • You know what?

  • Those teams that go down and, uh, you know, winning championships So we have that.

  • I don't know what the outcome is going to be like.

  • I said, we still got to get better.

  • You know, we'll see what happens.

  • Clippers really struggled to score it down the stretch.

  • You guys have had some issues in clutch time so far this season.

  • What do you need to clean up before you get to the playoffs?

  • Number one?

  • Just making the shots, making sure our spaces there.

  • I mean, a lot of times, you know, we're coming down slow, and we're not in the correct spacing.

  • A regular, we're not running the right place, so just be able to have execution coming down in those fourth quarters.

  • Normal shots.

  • We're gonna get and then just repeating it.

  • So the next time when the shot comes, you gotta make it.

  • Or you just remember being in that moment.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Come on, baby.

  • You've got a game coming up against Zion and the pelicans.

  • He's scoring around the basket in a way we haven't seen since Shock.

  • What do you do as a defender to try to limit him, Zion?

  • I mean, he brings the energy to the game strong.

  • You know?

  • He has touch around the rim as a team.

  • I guess you just have to pack the pain at your hands on his face.

  • So she's not a getting a good look at the room.

  • You mean he's doing a good job?

  • He's explosive.

  • He's crafty.

  • So we all have to be on the same page that night.

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It's okay to smile now, man.

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Kawhi Leonard sees Clippers as a NBA championship roster | NBA on ESPN

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