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  • welcome back to the jump the Olympics in 4.5 months.

  • But one All Star has already given his plan for the summer that his Clippers Kawhi Leonard, who spent seven years playing for current USA Basketball coach Gregg Popovich, of course in San Antonio and now says, we'll explore.

  • We'll let him explain his outlook.

  • This is from yesterday.

  • I think a lot of people are in.

  • We're in for 2020 but just that pandemic pretty much killed everything.

  • But, um, right now, you know, my plan is to go, but it doesn't really matter on the success that we have, you know, if I feel up to it and we're ready to go around that time, man, I'm playing.

  • So just to explain the scenario, if the Clippers say were to make the finals and go to seven games, there would only be one day from the end of the finals until the beginning of the Olympics.

  • That is why USA Basketball has petitioned Phoebe A and the IOC to allow roster changes during the Olympic Games.

  • That never happened before.

  • Currently, your team is your team, but they're basically saying because of the tight turnaround.

  • Hey, we need to be able to switch out the roster.

  • Let's say after the qualifying, once we get into the medal round, we'll see if that flies or not.

  • Now Steph Curry had previously committed to the Olympics in 2020 as well said last month, though he had quote no idea if he'd be able to compete this summer.

  • Perk.

  • Do you think other stars will follow Hawaii to the 2020 one Olympics?

  • Even with that tight turnaround?

  • I do and look at Ky Rachel stepping up on the front line and being the leader.

  • But he want to be reunited, and it feels so good with his old coach, Gregg Popovich, getting back together.

  • But look, let me tell you something, Rachel.

  • I had a chance to to be on the Olympic team, where I got invited to trial for the Olympic team in 2000 and eight, and I turned it down.

  • Biggest mistake.

  • One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

  • It hunts me to this day, and with this opportunity, with the Wild, his first time being able to be on the Olympic team, I'm proud of him and don't take it for granted.

  • Any other guys out there like Steph Curry, I want to see him go ahead and play for the Olympics.

  • Go try to win him a gold medal as well.

  • And I strongly believe other guys will follow because everyone loves to watch.

  • Maybe the pandemic broke my brain because I just haven't been able to think four months ahead and imagine, like, how to take place.

  • What are they gonna look like?

  • Who might go?

  • I just haven't.

  • It hasn't gotten into my brain space, but by the way, you wouldn't blame any player whose team got far in the bubble.

  • Quick turnaround into the season far into the playoffs and then saying, You know what?

  • I just don't think I have the band with the flat of Japan and play in the Olympics and get to know a whole new protocol environment.

  • You couldn't blame anybody for doing that, but I agree with perc.

  • I think most stars will go because the Olympics is still the Olympics.

  • It still means something different than any other sporting event in the world and I think most players who are asked will probably go.

  • But you couldn't play man If you make the finals or the conference finals and you made them the previous year, you wouldn't blame anyone for saying, You know what?

  • I just need to just exit basketball for a little while.

  • You have to remember, though, too, and I agree with you, Zack.

  • I wouldn't blame anyone.

  • But there is pressure on some of these players, especially some of the more international stars who are the best player and their teams.

  • Only chance of doing well in Olympic tournament from some of these other countries.

  • So it'll be interesting to see who does what, where and when.

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welcome back to the jump the Olympics in 4.5 months.

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Will other stars follow Kawhi Leonard to the 2021 Olympics? | The Jump

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