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  • Kyrie is the best show in the NBA best show in basketball.

  • Stephen A.

  • Has started to say, Wait a minute.

  • I was saying that for the last two years he is.

  • But like, you know, I think think about who you'd rather watch play than Kyrie.

  • Even last year when he wasn't helping the team win, he was just putting on a nightly show.

  • I mean, the show this dude puts on as I said he has.

  • He is on a short list of the most skillful players of all time because you you got to think of the handles, which I I think Kyrie has the greatest handles of all time, I think is the best of all time.

  • Not like for his era.

  • Maybe Iverson's were better or, you know, but Kyrie has the greatest handles of all time.

  • Um, Kyra is the greatest package of layups of all time.

  • He's the best finisher in the paint under the rim of all time, certainly on a short list.

  • He shoots the three at an historically great level.

  • He's a better than 40% 3 point shooter, uh, most and and he does it, taking a lot of threes.

  • He's a great, difficult shotmaker, as Kobe was.

  • Um, he's a real good passer now.

  • He doesn't always have the wisdom to deploy those skills in the best way in an optimal way as a point guard but playing with James Harden.

  • They're both kind of combo guards now, and it's really hard in his point guard.

  • And Kyrie is off guard.

  • You know, for so many years it's like the off guard has to be the taller guy, the bigger guy, because he, but not really what the modern NBA shows with all the three point That's not really you know, Steph Curry is an off guard who plays the point.

  • Um, you have guys who really, you know.

  • And also it depends on who you defend.

  • Kyrie is really more of a two than a one because his skills say he can play the one at an elite level.

  • He's been put there, but that's not really his mentality.

  • So now that he's in the best, Stephen A was arguing on first take today.

  • Top five MVPs not in the top five, not in my top five, but he's in the top 10 M v p Embiid LeBron Harden, Damian Lillard, Yokich Yanis, Steph Kyrie.

  • Am I Am I missing anyone?

  • Lucas gotta be in there somewhere, But he was, You know, I thought he'd win the MVP this year.

  • So far, it hasn't happened.

  • Drop 40 against the Celtics.

  • Kyrie his 5th 40 point games since joining the Nets.

  • Only two players in franchise history have had more 40 point games.

  • Vince Carter and John Williamson.

  • And, of course, the Nets win 1 21 109 I mean, well, listen to Steve Nash postgame because the Nets future Kyrie is the best show in basketball.

  • Kyrie is a top 10 m v p candidate James Harden, I think, is a top three M v p candidate, and this is all without K D, right?

  • What's going to happen when K D gets back is the one thing about Kevin Durant.

  • Kevin Durant.

  • You know, some players have to worry about chemistry and this and that.

  • Kevin Durant is one of the few players in basketball history who any team ever that you add K d two just got a lot better.

  • He doesn't need the ball, but he scores with it as well as anyone who ever lived.

  • He can play defense defense on multiple positions at an elite level.

  • When he's at his best, he's become an excellent passer.

  • He's a historically great scorer in terms of efficiency.

  • Can score from anywhere.

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Kyrie is the best show in the NBA best show in basketball.

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