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  • Els with us now.

  • And while quarterbacks will dominate most of the conversation leading up to the draft, don't sleep on the talent inside the top 10.

  • That could change the game on the outside.

  • Yeah, last year's draft, and you know, this was sort of dubbed the best receiving class in the history of the world.

  • But the candidates are no slouches, either.

  • So today our draft experts talk targets.

  • April showers bring the NFL draft, and as such, we've got our draft debate.

  • I'm L.

  • Duncan, Mel Kiper Jr.

  • Todd McShay are here.

  • We're going to be diving into the draft all week long, and we've covered quarterback.

  • But as the great analyst Gisele Bundchen would once say, they can't throw to themselves.

  • So let's talk a little skill positions.

  • And Mel, I know that you've got Florida tight and Kyle pits going fourth overall to the Jets after trading down with Atlanta.

  • Now, how does it stack up when you compare him to the top pass catchers in this draft, receivers like Devante Smith and Jim are Chase.

  • I think you can make an argument.

  • Is the best receiving entity in this draft with the versatility, he will give an offense with the matchup nightmare.

  • He will create it.

  • 66 £245.

  • Kyle Pits is special.

  • You cannot find a Kyle Pit in the first round.

  • You you're not gonna find one in the second round.

  • Third round.

  • He's the only one you can find other receivers, second or third round.

  • They may not be as good as the Monte Smith Tamar chaser Jalen Waddell, who will be close enough to make you happy, but Kyle pitches the one guy that separates from every other tight end in this draft.

  • I mentioned those two White House and I want to narrow the conversation there.

  • Guys.

  • Todd, who do you give the edge to when you compare just Heisman winner Devante Smith against them are Chase?

  • Yeah, it's brutal, because what Devante Smith did this past year l was remarkable.

  • Jaylen Waddle goes out and he's got to step up, and he's so Marvin Harrison.

  • That's who he is.

  • He's got the skinny legs.

  • He doesn't look the part, but he somehow knows how to get off the press, separate and go make tough catches.

  • But then you see Jamaar chase and physically he has better traits.

  • I have identical grades, and it's not a cop out, but I would take Chase slightly over Smith.

  • But I wouldn't blame anyone who would take Smith over Chase.

  • Not like the over under and how many times you say it's brutal between now and the draft.

  • I'll say 50 okay, because it is brutal.

  • And you said it already a few times, and I'm gonna go with you on that.

  • You've seen the melody in the seventies.

  • I'm gonna give the edge of Devante Smith.

  • I'll tell you why.

  • Body of Work, four years.

  • He said that the first year I didn't do that much.

  • We caught that winning touchdown pass to be George.

  • And over time from two, Um, I think what he's done the last three years steady, consistent improvement year after year, I would stick with the safer guy here.

  • The guy you saw a play at an elite level in Devante Smith.

  • Yeah, I want to go there for a second time because we are obviously dealing with sort of unprecedented circumstances.

  • Chase opts out, and there's not going to be a combine.

  • Will that hurt him in any way in terms of whether he'll be allowed to jump or able rather to jump that Heisman winner is that March 31st pro day going to be enough for him?

  • Listen, I I think that's going to play a factor with him and a lot of other players.

  • It really is because we don't have the official numbers and then you get them late in the process.

  • And a lot of evaluators have made up their mind at this point.

  • Harris got a whole left side, the six just over an Irish defender.

  • Miles five.

  • We do have to record setting back on the board.

  • Najee, Harris, Travis E T N Todd.

  • Do you see 12 or no running backs going in the first round?

  • I think, too, I think Najee Harris is going to go first, and then I think E t M is going to go right after him, and they both deserve to be in the first round.

  • I know Mel doesn't do running backs in the first round and I get it.

  • The value might not be there.

  • I just don't think more than one goes in the first round, maybe zero, but I'll give you one.

  • I'm not gonna give you two.

  • And who is the one that you're giving?

  • I'll probably go with Harris, because all around game that he had this year, he was spectacular.

  • It's always what you saw last, and Maggie Harris was special.

  • I've never been an advocate and a proponent of taking and running back in the first round.

  • Wherever Harris ends up getting drafted, he is the poster child for sort of waiting your turn and making the most of your opportunity.

  • He had 27 touchdowns in his first three seasons in Alabama, 30 last season alone.

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Els with us now.

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