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  • Aww yeah! Today we're learning English  with a hilarious episode of The Simpsons,  

  • where the family travels down under to Australia  

  • and I'm getting a bit of help from our newest  Fluency Coach, a true blue Aussie, Ollie

  • Aw yeah, thanks Ethan! I am so excited about  today's lesson because the clips are so funny,  

  • although not so accurate. So I'm going to help you  understand Australian culture. We're highlighting  

  • all the Australian references in green, and by the  way if you're new here I highly recommend that you  

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  • Without getting lost, without missing the jokes  and without subtitles, with our fun real life  

  • lessons. Just look at what Rohit said they feel  like with our lessons fluency is not far away

  • So now let's jump into this science  fitting lesson with The Simpsons.

  • You bet I'd say Australia

  • The way that we Australians  actually say it is Australia.

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  • Another funny joke is when the kid goes  outside to check his neighbor's drain,  

  • but what we actually see isvery open and deserted space.  

  • This is a humorous take on the idea that Australia  is a massive country with a very small population

  • In fact if you visit Australia you will notice  that the population is very concentrated in big  

  • cities and small regional towns near the coastInterestingly Australia is one of the countries  

  • with the least population density. Now let's watch the next clip.

  • Like in the States, Australians also  use the dollar. However they're not  

  • the same currency. Today 1 USD is about 1.29 AUD

  • In this clip and to add to the comedic effect of  the portrayal of Australia, this character refers  

  • to the Australian dollar as dollar-idoos. However  you won't ever hear an Australian use this term

  • Now let's listen again to how he pronounces  some words in the following sentence:

  • He said our in a bit of a funny waydidn't he? Also did you notice the vow  

  • in States? I'd say it like this: States. In this episode The Simpsons are trying to  

  • make fun of the broad Australian accent by over  emphasizing the vowel. This broad Australian  

  • accent was very common in the 80s and 90s in TV  shows and movies. However these days this accent  

  • is not very common in standard American English. We pronounce these words as  

  • our the States: "did you accept a six  hour collect call from the States?" 

  • Thanks Ethan. In my Australian  accent I'd say this like:  

  • "did you accept a six-hour  collect call from the States?"

  • Now in the USA, we would say buddy  or pal in a very similar way and  

  • sometimes it could even be used to refer to  someone who you do not consider a friend,  

  • or even a person that you do not like, as we  can see South Park make fun of in this clip.

  • By the way many learners overuse the word friend  and that's exactly why we made this lesson to  

  • give you some more common alternatives  to make your English sound more natural.

  • I hope you've had a ton of fun and  learned a lot about some American  

  • and Australian cultural differences. Remember that every week we help you to  

  • learn about culture, vocabulary, pronunciation and  more! So if you haven't yet join our community of  

  • millions of English learners, just  like you who are making fluency  

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  • And now it's time to go beyond the  classroom and live your English! Aww yeahh!

Aww yeah! Today we're learning English  with a hilarious episode of The Simpsons,  

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The Simpsons Go To Australia | Learn English with TV Series

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