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  • in this place, we count what we care about.

  • We count the vaccines done.

  • We count the number of people on benefits we we rule or oppose based on account, and we obsessively track that data.

  • We love to count data about our own popularity.

  • However, we don't currently count dead women.

  • No government studies done into the patterns every year of the data of victims of domestic abuse who are killed, died by suicide or die suddenly.

  • Dead women is a thing we've all just accepted as part of our daily lives.

  • Dead women is just one of those things killed.

  • Women are not vanishingly rare.

  • Killed women are common.

  • Dead women do count.

  • And thanks to the brilliant work of Karen in Garda Smith and the Counting Dead Women Project and the academics and charities working on the femicide census, these women's lives and the scale of male violence against women can be known.

  • Since last year.

  • On this day, these are the women killed in the UK, where a man has been convicted or charged as the primary care perpetrator in the case.

  • Benita Knoll, Tracy Kit, Nelly Moustapha, Zahid a B.

  • Josephine Care Sciatica, Mohsen Patel, Maureen Kidd, Wendy Morse, Nikki Bella Gallery Key L.

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  • Smith Kelly Stewart, Gwendolyn Band.

  • Bruce Williams, Victoria Would Do Kelly Fitzgibbons, Killed alongside her two daughters.

  • Caroline Walker, Katie Walker, Zubaydah, Celinda Betty Dublin Sonia Calvi Marianne Fishman, Daniella Espirito Santo Roofs Brain.

  • Denise Keen, Barnett Simmons Jadwiga Sig Bielski, Emma Jane McParland Louise Atkinson Silk Kerch on Jones.

  • Higher since Morris Louise Smith, Claire Perry I A.

  • Hashem Melissa Bell Shaw Yvonne Loss in the Camp Lindsay or Cock Anita's It in.

  • Nicoletta Zidan Mandy Houghton Amy Leanne Stringfellow Bieber Henry Nicole's Mormon.

  • Dawn Bennett, Gemma and Marjoram Carolina Ze'ev Incision Raise.

  • Murray Hill, Jackie Hoadley Call My Lord Kerry Willing Shelley Clarke, Bernadette Walker Stella Through Dawn Fletcher, Deborah Jones, Patricia Y Beck, Theresa Gordon Esther Egg Bon Suzanne Bird, Belvin Durga Here Linda Caper, Lorraine Cox Suzanne Winchester Maria How is this a better Karen Summon Me Sanchar v.

  • Vianne Mandria Corner Commish Worry Savar Rajah Killed alongside her three year old son, Louise Wrote Julie Williams, Rhonda Humphries, Nicole McGregor, Angela Webber, Carol Right, Sarah Smith, Ildiko Better Son Kimberly Deacon Married Bladders Paula Leather, Caroline Co.

  • Lauren May Bloomer Concept Hotel.

  • Helen Bannister, Marta Vento, Andrea Rodriguez, Give Obama, Joanna Baraka as Area Williams.

  • Katherine Granger, Eileen Dean, Sue Addis, Carol Hart, Jacqueline Price, Mary Wells Tip.

  • Read Our Guard, too.

  • Mhm.

  • Christie Fruin So It Bella and Turner.

  • Natalia Elliot Cleverly Rose Marie Tinton, Ranjit Girl.

  • Helen Joy, Emma Robertson, Nicole Anderson, Linda Mags, Carol Smith, Sophie Moss, Christina Romer Suzanne Suzanne Hannah Boo Michelle Is a Neck Venus, Laura, Miss Jascha, Judas Repaired Anna Saskia and Cova Tina Air, Katy Simpson, Ben Allen Burke and her two year old daughter, Samantha Heat, Gaeta, Goya Imaging We Are Stuck Beijing Zoo There has been much debate over what I would say at the end of the list.

  • Her name rings out across all of our media.

  • We have all prayed that the name of Sarah Everett would never be on any list.

  • Let's pray every day and work every day to make sure you nobody's name ends up on this list again.

in this place, we count what we care about.

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