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  • You know, it's been almost a year

  • since our staff started working remotely.

  • I really miss seeing everyone around the office.

  • So I'm gonna check in with some staffers

  • who are working from home

  • and see what's new since the last time I saw them.

  • [Together] Hi, Conan.

  • Hey Diane, what's new with you?

  • Well, I got a PhD in astrophysics

  • and I'm currently manning the Mars rover.

  • Perseverance, collect the geology samples.

  • Oh, that's cool.

  • What about you, Chris?

  • We bought a zoo and our elephant just gave birth.

  • (elephant trumpeting)

  • Oh okay.

  • What about you Kathy?

  • I got a tattoo.

  • That's nice.

  • That's all you're gonna say?

  • I guess, so many things have happened in the last year

  • that nothing really surprises me anymore.

  • I bet I can surprise you, Conan.

  • Jake from State Farm?

  • I'm here to tell you about surprisingly great

  • rates from State Farm.

  • How can we compete with that?

  • Jake, how great are these surprisingly great rates?

  • Check your inbox.

  • (phone notification beeping)

  • Are you kidding me?

  • I'm so surprised by these great rates.

  • These rates are unbelievable.

  • I'm losing my mind over these great rates!

  • Jake from State Farm, you did it again!

  • Yeah, Jake really did do it again.

  • (Conan laughing)

You know, it's been almost a year

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Conan Checks In With Staffers Working From Home - CONAN on TBS

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