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Greetings dear ones, I am
Kryon of Magnetic Service
Yet again
the human being [Lee] sits in a place
where he stretches the imagination of those who think in 3D
(...) it begins a thickness of love
and the process of the channeling,
that as described earlier
[is purposed to help you] open the door. That's all.
It is the subject
of our brief time together tonight.
We're going to give you some information,
we're gonna paint a picture for you
about connection
and getting in touch
... and now we get spooky :)
Let us explain
the complexity.
I love to tell these stories.
On the other side of the veil is where you begin, angel.
Does everyone here understand?
You are forever a peace of God,
this [life] is a temporary journey,
that you do many times.
On the other side of the veil - let me take you on a journey yet again
You are over there
about ready to come into the earth and a process begins -- now listen
because you didn't expect this.
You cannot come into this planet
with your whole core soul.
It's too big!
You would burn up!
and so when you come in
when you step in
to this reality called Earth as YOU
part of you
stays on the other side of the veil, You split!
You split
and it isn't into two parts, because their is no counting parts into this
inter dimensional soup that is energy.
The only part that you can count is the one that got here
and it's YOU and it's one body
and one consciousness seemingly
filled with inter dimensional DNA.
And there's a piece of you, a big piece
that stays behind
Don't you understand there's got to be a part of you on the other side
to create synchronicity
So many of you believe it's just God doing things for you
not understanding that it's YOU
doing things with you
What some of you have felt as a bevy of angels around you is
YOU with YOU
Even the one who hates is surrounded
by a core group
of themselves just waiting
to serve that one
to give them peace, to give them balance
to connect!
to be in touch
[but] only with [your] permission
What are they doing?
Some of them weep ;(
because they see
so much potential
and no awakening...
You are not alone
and that's just one aspect.
What about the Higher self? What is that?
That isn't that the other part of you
The Higher self is the core of You
which is here every single time
no matter who you are
You think you've had past lives? Let me tell you something, they are not
something in the distance
that you will never discover
your higher self was there for each one of them :)
that means that this core spiritual self of yours knows everything about you
and who you have been
Those energies which you call 'past lives' are present
alive and available
to your higher self. The higher self
is YOU
not the split of you
the core God part of you
One higher self
representing many
many life times
All that you learned is there
All of the spiritual things that you've done
How would you like that connection?
Well that's available.
There's two connections.
Alright, let's get more complicated.
What about the Crystaline Grid?
This is a connection
it is a connection to Gaya
it's a connection you need to have
it's a connection we speak of
that you are supposed to get in touch with.
That's a third one.
And the human being now starts to ask the esoteric but intellectual esoteric questions
"Well which ones first?"
"And then what?"
"And how long and how much?"
"And what durration?"
You do, you know you do
And the answer is always: Yes.
Those are silly questions
because there is no 'how much' and there is no first or second or third,
these are in a circle. They all exist together in the energy soup which is YOU, which is divine
and you might say: Well...
with THAT complexity - what am I supposed to do??
I'll tell you
you trust Spirit!
And the system
to go in and select what you need when you need it. What about that?
You're not turning over anything to anything
or anyone
you are using your intuition and becoming inter dimensional and letting
the tools work for you
without you having to figure it out
That's only 3 [connections] There's another one of course
What about the Akash itself?
'What do you mean Kryon?'
There is an energy
not only with you but also in what is called The Cave of Creation
The Akashic Record
which interfaces through a karmic energy with so many other human beings
And you got to stay in touch with it.
it helps to guide your life
all of these connections
all of these things to stay in touch with
'Kryon, my head is swimming now, you've gotten me in touch with so many pieces and parts,
I don't know what to do..'
Let's say you go outside
the meeting is over
and you climb in you automobile
and there is someone who is saying: Excuse me!
You can't drive this machine
and you say: And why not?
Because you have no idea what the parts are doing!
Here's the manual, you better study it!
Your automatic transmission is especially interesting!
There's duration, there's fluid mechanics, there's physics
How long, how much, when, how...
When is first gear, when is second gear, when is third gear...
and you would laugh, would you not. And you would
throw them out the door
and you would simply go to dinner :)
using hundreds and thousands of pieces and parts.
You would, wouldn't you? That is where
we are going.
You're used to that
and it's a trust factor.
and it's in 3D and it works every time
If you could apply
those kinds of concepts
to staying in touch
and getting connected
it's going to be easier
'Oh Kryon, you gotta give us some advice...'
'There's gotta be a list'
'Please give me a list'
That's what 3D does for you, doesn't it..
I'm going to give you
It's not a list - it's in a circle.
So, for just a few moments get out of 3D
we're going to talk about
getting in touch by giving you not a list but a circle of concepts
that have no priority,
there isn't one that is more important than the other,
they exist together and they can be done all at once.
It is the best we can do for a list
and here they are.
Number one :)
the concept of belief.
'Kryon, I'm a believer'
not really
not really...
All that you've learned all your life
beats you away
from the truth.
Pure belief
is one that says: I am ready
gradually to open the door
to allow things unseen
to be real.
another one
in the circle:
for emotion.
There are those who would say 'Well emotion gets in the way of my thinking'
Then let it! Do you know what passes untouched through the veil? I'll give you a few:
One is Love,
another is Joy, another is Laughter.
Did you know that God laughs? Did you know that angels laugh?
Did you know that they love?
Of course you do! So feel it!
And when the love of God comes and sits on your lap
this day
can you let yourself weep a little because it's so beautiful!
Or would you hold it back and say: "I'm not gonna do that
cause that's emotion, you see"
Emotion clears the soul.
Sometimes you have to weep in joy and love just to know that you are real
and you exist.
It's not sadness
it's joy!
You weep at the birth of your children
you weep in joy at the process of life.
Are you sad about it?
There's a place for it.
It's a concept:
the concept of intuition!
"Well I do, Kryon"
If you really did
then why is it when something happens
you say:
I knew that would happen, I should have listened.
You're not allowing for intuition, are you...
You're fighting it!
A thought occurs to you
and you say automatically:
Well that's come from me
I'll discount it.
What if you said to yourself:
That is comming from me
that means it comes from God
I'm going to look into it.
Allow for
intuitive energy to help guide you.
This is part of the soup.
It's a concept
allowing beleif
allowing emotion
allowing intuition
all of these things to get in touch.
You don't have to know how many parts, dear one, you really don't.
Here is a concept in the circle: Image yourself
than you are.
I mean spiritually, not phisically.
The fact that you've known the Merkhaba,
the spiritual core energy of the human being
it's huge
it's huge.
Reaches out, it does. Many meters, it does.
Can you be that big?
Can your light be that big?
Can you imagine yourself
bigger than you could reach? Because you are.
Now this requires inter dimensional thinking
and belief and intuition
maybe even emotion.
Think of yourself
as a piece of God
on the Earth plain
That's a concept.
Let me give you another concept:
Visualize yourself out of trouble.
No drama, no problems.
No fear.
No phobias.
No health issues.
Everything is solved.
is pure.
And you might say: Kryon, that is not the way it is.
If I'm having trouble
how could I imagine not having trouble?
Oh how 3D of you!
You really believe it's going to be that way all your life, do you...
In a circle where there is no time it's solved!
It's gone! It's resolved!
It's cured!
And there you sit, can you go there with it
Can you have the concept
of problems solved?
If you can't you are not going very far.
Because the fear and the drama is going to sit up on there
and the connection will never happen,
not really.
Not like we're asking. You would have a little light
but you won't have the whole thing.
We're almost done.
I've got one more
to put in the circle.
Beautiful it is.
Image your self
opening the door to home!
Image yourself
actually pushing upon a door!
And on the other side of that door there is a hand
that reaches out to you
and if the hand could speak, and it will and it does,
it would say: Welcome
dear one, we've been waiting for you for a very long time.
You're trying to connect to a creator that wants to be connected with.
It's not a one-way push.
It's not.
The divinty that you're trying to get in touch with is trying to
get in touch with you.
Find the pathway!
These are the concepts, the beginning concepts.
There's a lot more to it. A lot more to it...
And so it is.
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Kryon - Connecting to the Quantum Self

972 Folder Collection
JJ Hsieh published on July 28, 2014
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