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  • and we should point out that one of those four teams was the Dallas Cowboys, who we assume now are completely out of that conversation because they have resigned.

  • Dak Prescott.

  • So you have the Bears, you have the Saints and you have the Raiders.

  • We are now thinking to ourselves we should add 1/4 team.

  • If we were going to add 1/4 team, that should be on Russell Wilson's list of places he'd be willing to be traded to.

  • Which should that team be Bart Scott.

  • I'll start with you for me.

  • I'm going to start with the I'm gonna go with the Carolina Panthers.

  • Yeah, this is a team that has made it known that they want a future quarterback.

  • Teddy Bridgewater isn't Russell Wilson, but he they can offer him back to Seattle in exchange for a bunch of draft picks and maybe Christian McCaffrey.

  • But the you know the idea of thinking about Russell Wilson with Robby Anderson?

  • Some of the weapons they have their you know, Matt rules a dynamic play caller.

  • This is a team, and I think Matt Rule is trying to make a splash, and he wants to hitch his wagon to a franchise quarterback.

  • I think they gave Teddy Bridgewater all the chances.

  • You know that that that you can expect.

  • And I think he wasn't impressed.

  • So he's trying to make a big move.

  • Russell Wilson would would definitely move the needle.

  • It's a good point.

  • They have sneaky good weapons in Carolina.

  • Dan Graziano.

  • What team should Russell add to his list?

  • I would go with the Miami Dolphins.

  • I think they're positioned to make it happen.

  • Should they decide they want to, Right?

  • They have the number three pick.

  • They could send back to a ton of ILO who is the number five pick last year.

  • And maybe Seattle can sort of rebuild around him in this hypothetical hypothetical please situation.

  • But I think you know Russell Wilson in Miami.

  • Sounds like the kind of market that appeals to him based on the rest of his list.

  • They're building something good there.

  • Obviously, everybody likes playing for Brian Flores, the head coach, so he could be in a position to revitalize that franchise that has been a long time since it's been in the Super Bowl.

  • How about you, Tim Hasselbeck?

  • What team should go on Russell's list.

  • Yeah, then came to mind was, you know, the Dolphins.

  • So I agree with grabs on that.

  • I think it really ends up being kind of about the market, you know, and you're up in Seattle.

  • Sometimes you feel like you're playing in Southern Alaska, and I think Russell Wilson kind of looks around the league when we talk about the best of the best, you know, we don't always include him, and the reality is he's been outstanding, almost as good as anybody, and he's carried that team.

  • So I think the idea to go somewhere like Miami, I think, is a market he would like to play in and like to kind of be recognized in.

  • So, uh, I just I'd think he's going to handle it differently.

  • I don't know.

  • He's gonna be unhappy enough that it forces Seattle's hand, though, you know, and so we have mentioned Miami Bart really quickly.

  • We've mentioned Miami in connection to DeShaun Watson.

  • We've mentioned Miami in connection to Russell Wilson.

  • One way or another, this has to happen before the draft.

  • Yes, if this is going to happen, it should happen before the draft part.

  • Would that be your expectation.

  • This cannot go on all the way to the season.

  • Yeah, we have to go before the draft because you want the proper compensation to improve your football team.

  • This year, you think about two of the teams that have to draft first round draft pick.

  • You think about Miami, you think about the Jets.

  • But the Jets, I think you're gonna stay pat.

  • But, you know, definitely.

  • I think Russell Wilson has done enough in Seattle has nothing more to prove.

  • I think they may try and grant him.

  • His wish is if he continues to be that squeaky wheel, he's been quiet.

  • You know, sometimes when you don't hear any noise, that means some things are working behind the scenes.

  • That's the other factor with Miami.

  • They have the third pick in the draft so they could offer to, uh, they could offer that third pick.

  • You can get a quarterback either one of those ways.

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and we should point out that one of those four teams was the Dallas Cowboys, who we assume now are completely out of that conversation because they have resigned.

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Should Russell Wilson add the Panthers and Dolphins to his list of trade destinations? | Get Up

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