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  • Listen to Jay Williams on Keyshawn J.

  • Will and Zubin This Morning here on ESPN Radio about the next season and comparing like what would it take for the next season to be considered, at least in New York?

  • More successful than the Nets?

  • The Knicks do make the playoffs for everything that this franchise has been through.

  • And that's what made the playoffs 21 out of the 44 seasons.

  • Rights cost 50%.

  • I don't know what that is for the Knicks.

  • Over the last 20 years, it's been not good.

  • So, yes, I would agree with Stephen A.

  • That the Knicks, if they do make the playoffs and the Nets do not make it to the NBA Finals, that will be more of a successful season for the Knicks, more so than the Nets.

  • I disagree with J, I would say, if there because there's so many teams make the playoffs.

  • 10 teams are playing after the season is over.

  • Per conference.

  • They're only 15 teams in each conference.

  • It's ridiculous.

  • Like once upon a time, I would say over 50% of the teams make the playoffs in the NBA.

  • If you if you're an M V p.

  • Like having a regular season MVP is ridiculous because there's no such thing as an M V P from a non playoff team.

  • Now it's literally two thirds of the teams make the playoffs.

  • So no, the Knicks making the playoffs and the Nets not making the finals is not the Knicks having a better season.

  • The Knicks winning a playoff series would mean the Nets in order to equal them because there's expectations are so much higher because they're not a bum organization.

  • They would have to at least make the Eastern Conference finals, in fact, maybe even the finals.

  • But look, worldwide West and Leon Rose.

  • I got a tip my cap to these guys.

  • They have established in a very short time a healthy culture for the Knicks, Um, in a in a in a place under Dolan, where no one has been able to do that since James Dolan took over the team from his father, Chuck Dolan.

  • No one has been able to establish an ongoing healthy culture with this bottom feeder franchise because it reflects it reflects Jim Dolan.

  • Fish rots from the head down.

  • Yeah, Jim Dolan is the same guy who kept the Yankees off of cable and Long Island because he was feuding with Steinbrenner about the fact that now the MSG Network wasn't carrying Yankees games anymore.

  • It occurred to George Steinbrenner.

  • Well, why why am I selling the rights for 50 year to Dolan?

  • I might as well start my own yes network and make 10 times the money, which is what he did.

  • And then, you know, Dolan wouldn't carry it.

  • They, you know, claiming that they couldn't come to an understanding of the negotiation, which, of course, Steinbrenner had all the leverage he had.

  • The Yankees, they just If you lived on Long Island, you just couldn't get Yankees games.

  • Remember that?

  • Because I because I because I was out on Long Island that summer like, how am I gonna get Yankees games?

  • Thanks, Jim Dolan.

  • What?

  • You know, like a why have the next stunk almost every season.

  • But it's hard to establish a healthy culture under those circles atmosphere of well documented of paranoia I've dealt with the next back in the day.

  • At least they're impossible to deal with, and they stunk.

  • I dealt with the Lakers in L A.

  • They were pleasure to deal with, whether they were good, that they were good years and bad years.

  • Always easy to deal with.

  • Nick's impossible to deal with, and I was on the radio talking them up because it was a Knicks fan.

  • But Leon Rose Worldwide West.

  • I tip my cap.

  • Tom Thibodeau.

  • You have done an excellent job.

  • I call it like it is.

  • They've done an excellent job in short order.

  • I mean, that was fast.

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Listen to Jay Williams on Keyshawn J.

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