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  • My Madrid's regional ambulance service now averages 4000 calls a day, a figure that's jumped by a third since coronavirus struck.

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  • Naveed Bazaar Deco Ciani is a 15 year veteran of the service uh, some users guide and the moment of shadow, if you see me limited and temple purposes.

  • Judaize Salvar Vidas Yes, they are not the despite high morale.

  • A year of being on the front lines is taking its toll.

  • He admits.

  • It can be grueling at times.

  • Maduro for support.

  • So Popular Ideas s 00 our final former basketball star, different personas and Mementos mass criticos de Sevilla.

  • Stress on medical personnel is a major concern.

  • A recent study found 45% of Spain's health care staff run a high risk of mental disorder after the first wave, including depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.

  • Sara Diaz is a nurse on the team was, well, a Premera.

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  • Always that there is that the Spain has been hit harder than most countries in Europe with more than three million cases and over 71,000 deaths.

  • But the infection rate has now fallen to its lowest since August, providing hope that the end is in sight.

  • Maduro.

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  • Great to see the towns of, uh, Luc Alphand Donnelly, your simple optimist.

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  • Podemos volver uh, Kitano's llamas Correa's avatar knows, you know?

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clock it sentiment.

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