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  • but I want to get to Blake Griffin next.

  • Because the six time All Star is officially joining the Nets after a buyout with the Pistons.

  • He's 31 years old.

  • He's eating one of the Nets veteran minimum contract slots and not exactly the same player today that he once was but can definitely still be a contributor.

  • He averaged 12 points, five rebounds, forces in 20 games with Detroit this season.

  • ZEC Does this signing change your outlook on the Nets at all a little bit?

  • Yeah, because I do think Blake is going to look better in Brooklyn than he did in Detroit.

  • Number one.

  • You'll have the Nick Batum effect.

  • We're just going to contender.

  • He's gonna be more juiced up.

  • He's gonna just want to be there more.

  • And his shot diet is gonna be so much easier.

  • Like his three point percentage has gone way down because he's taking crazy difficult off the dribble.

  • Step back.

  • Looks in Brooklyn.

  • That's going to be Catch the ball, check the wind, launch it up, and I bet he shoots 38% or something from three in Brooklyn.

  • He can be a playmaking center for them now, will he be part of their crunch time?

  • Five.

  • You can make an argument that if Jeff Green is going to be a better defensive player than Blake Griffin and a better shooter, both of which have been the case this season that Jeff Green should be that small ball five and crunch time over Blake.

  • Maybe that ends up being the case.

  • Either way, there's nothing bad about adding a little more versatility.

  • Another look.

  • He can play a little bit with DJ if you want to go super big in the right match up, they have obviously played a ton together.

  • There's nothing bad about adding that kind of flexibility.

  • Versatility.

  • So is it a game changer?

  • Is this prime Blake Griffin?

  • Is it possible that he warms the bench when it really matters all that?

  • Yeah, but it still helps.

  • It's helpful.

  • Yeah, I agree.

  • Look, I'm not saying that this is how I feel about the signing.

  • Okay?

  • I feel that with Blake Griffin bedside the Brooklyn Nets, it doesn't changed my outlook on it.

  • I feel like the Brooklyn Nets are still going to be one of the teams to be favorite to win the East.

  • I mean, when the championship, whether it's with Blake or without Blake, but at death.

  • Okay, we don't know if Blake Griffin can come back to his old self like how you used to posterized a guy like yours truly, Kendrick Perkins, and put them in the rim.

  • We haven't seen that a lot lately.

  • And if they're gonna go small, Blake Griffin is going to have to mix it up and be diving to the basket and being able to be that live thread at the rim.

  • He's not going to be picking and popping as much because he's going to be playing the five.

  • But I think adding him and adding that death.

  • It's always good to have a former All Star former superstar in your back pocket that you can throw out there that's coming in off the bitch.

  • Because when you're a contender, especially what's going on for us with the Covid cases, we don't know if guys will be out in the playoffs.

  • This is not like the bubble, and you got a guy like Blake Griffin that can step in and fill in.

  • Hey, it's still a plus in my eyes.

  • Yeah, He's a vet who's pretty much seen everything.

  • If he hasn't quite done everything and you're right, he's not going to be post arising.

  • People perk.

  • It's actually been quite a long time since Blake dunk.

  • This is video of his last Slam in a game.

  • This was December 12th, 2019, so he is not dunked in a game for two years, and his injury issues have been well chronicled.

  • But perk?

  • What do you still feel like?

  • I mean, his game has gotten so much richer over the years.

  • He hasn't leaned just into his athleticism.

  • What do you like most about watching the Blake version that we have right now, even if it doesn't have all the high flying dunks?

  • Well, you know what?

  • To be honest with you, Rachel, his athleticism has kind of went down.

  • But guess what?

  • His skill set has rising and he's able to do more.

  • I'm watching him on the low block.

  • He's showing a variety of post moves.

  • That's maybe that's maybe something that Brooklyn could look to utilize his face up jumper.

  • His bank shot off the glass is pretty much automatic, and I'm with Zach Lowe, his his three point percentage will increase because he's going, he's going to get more wide open looks.

  • I could see him standing in the corner while Kevin Durant and James Harden is driving to the lane and kicking it out to him, and he's having all the time in the world to step up and hit those shots.

  • So again, yes, we haven't seen the break.

  • The Blake Griffin of old voices athleticism, but he has sharpened his skill set over the past couple of years.

  • Zach, I like that.

  • Check the wind.

  • Maybe go down the street to our friend Howard Beck's house.

  • Have a little kale salad.

  • Come back.

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but I want to get to Blake Griffin next.

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