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  • Have you seen these paintings?

  • They're worth half a billion dollars,

  • and they disappeared 30 years ago.

  • Whoever finds them will receive

  • a $10 million reward.

  • But let's go back to the beginning.

  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was an art thief's delight.

  • Millions of dollars worth of artwork.

  • Rembrandt, Degas, Vermeer.

  • St. Paddy's Day, 1990.

  • Two men dressed as police officers show up at the door.

  • And they say, very dramatically, "Gentlemen, this is a robbery."

  • There's no shortage of possible suspects.

  • Boston was the Wild West.

  • The two front-runners were the Italian Mob or the Irish Mob.

  • How you doing?

  • The Mafia knew

  • that having a stolen masterpiece is a get-out-of-jail-free card.

  • The Feds will deal with you. They'll let you out of jail.

  • It was an easy score, as they say on the street.

  • There were 13 works taken.

  • Most important, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

  • It's the only Rembrandt seascape in existence.

  • This was huge, not just locally, but internationally.

  • In Dublin, stolen art was used by the IRA as international currency.

  • In Boston, Whitey Bulger provided the IRA with weapons.

  • -They could be in the Middle East. -Japan.

  • South America.

  • What? It's mind-blowing.

  • I've spent 25 years on this case.

  • There has to be a way to figure out where these paintings went.

  • You could potentially get immunity and get $10 million.

  • That's why it's so confounding.

  • There's a lot of deaths.

  • Everybody who apparently did the robbery is whacked.

  • Artworks connect to the community.

  • Standing in front of that painting

  • would be an unbelievable experience.

  • When I see those frames,

  • I feel that they are waiting for the work to come back.

  • They're out there. Somebody stashed them.

  • Sometimes, it's the next generation.

  • "Grandpa's dead. Look what we got!"

Have you seen these paintings?

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