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  • now to Myanmar and the U.

  • S has stepped up its condemnation of the situation.

  • They're saying it's quote repulsed by the ongoing use of lethal force against protesters to officials from the overthrown NLD party have died in police custody since Monday.

  • They've also been new raids targeting independent journalists.

  • But each day the protesters show the sacrifices they're prepared to make for a return to democracy a moment of peaceful defiance.

  • Sister Anne Rose, a new tongue, knelt in front of riot police in her hometown in Myanmar's north, saying she was prepared to die to save protesters.

  • Mhm.

  • But minutes later, protests turned violent as police attempted to disperse crowds protesting has become increasingly dangerous as police and soldiers have used tear gas, rubber bullets and live rounds on crowds last night in Yangon residents to fight an eight PM curfew, Taking to the streets to show solidarity with hundreds of protesters trapped by authorities, police fired stun grenades at the gathering supporters.

  • Finally, the trapped protesters were allowed to leave.

  • When the sun rose, protesters marched once again in Mandalay.

  • They carried makeshift shields but stayed for only a few minutes.

  • A change in tactics to avoid another violent reaction from the authorities.

  • What?

  • At night we couldn't sleep.

  • Actually, we don't want to go out, but we are going out anyway.

  • So we've been going out for 22 days and we haven't rested yet.

  • We're going out every day.

  • We keep fighting for the fallen heroes.

  • We will fight until we win.

  • Did not The military also attempted to suppress the spread of information, revoking licenses for media outlets and detaining journalists from the day 11 military coupon fast February they pull the black off our signal on digital territory broker system.

  • But we managed to report back on satellite and also on social media.

  • Uh, talked about that.

  • We already got two journalists arrested.

  • You know, one in May 1 MP just now, you know, there are two other senior journalists arrested in younger recently.

  • Protesters say they will continue to gather across the country daily acts of defiance in the face of mounting risks to their lives and freedom.

  • Well, for more Now I'm joined by tins.

  • Assure ye a pro democracy activist in Yangon, in Myanmar.

  • Thanks for being with us.

  • I understand you've been out demonstrating today you and the other protesters know that the army is prepared to use violence against you.

  • Dozens have been killed.

  • How does that affect you?

  • Um, when they kill people out on streets, we have a mixed feeling.

  • The first is kind of being gay, like what we could do to us.

  • They are able to kid us, you know, bluntly.

  • So this is the first feeling.

  • And the second feeling will be anger with the anger that they've been doing this for so many years, not just to us, to the Rohingya people, to the ethnic minorities for so many years.

  • So that, you know, we have that mixed feeling that in the end, um, we decided to be determined.

  • Stay committed to the cost.

  • The revolution.

  • Many of our comrades, they were They were being killed.

  • So we couldn't lose this momentum so that we decided to keep out, going in on the going out on the street to protest in the daily business.

  • Now you used the word revolution there.

  • Do you believe that your protests and the civil disobedience going on in Myanmar will lead to a reversal of the military coup?

  • So right now, people, you know for the first few weeks after the coup.

  • Then it was more like an anti coup protests.

  • But now, um, when these things escalate, you know, And also when the bowel and escalate were so sure that we are going for a revolution, not just one revolution we are doing, um, uh, uprisings against the political, um Dayglow as well as the cultural jet law.

  • So we're doing cultural revolution and political revolution.

  • So, um, we don't think the military would just, you know, give up what they have done and say we surrender you.

  • We have to fight so that we have already made organization already chosen apart a radical part two keep on going to follow our own government.

  • So now the leading party is just from a government, and we are supporting that also, they are in negotiation with the political dialogue, with all the state quarter inside the country without military.

  • This is a rare moment for us.

  • We don't think about the military inclusion anymore.

  • So is this a Democratic revolution?

  • Yes.

  • Um, it's always not just about democratic.

  • Um, you know, we have We are all marching together towards a federal democratic nation.

  • So um we are looking forward to draft a new constitution that can guarantee, um, Democratic rights, our basis rights and and the federal rights for all the ethnic minority in the country.

  • So we all are now heavy political dialogue with the ruling party, the legitimate government, and with the ethnic minorities.

  • Shinzo Shannon.

  • Yeah, in Yangon, Thank you very much.

now to Myanmar and the U.

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At least 50 people have died since the military seized control in Myanmar | DW News

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