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  • and the solar windows you're about to see are relatively small.

  • Manufacturers will have to find a way to build larger ones.

  • Owners of skyscrapers will have to decide whether they want to install them, and there are questions about their cost versus modern windows that don't generate electricity.

  • But the company that makes solar windows says the benefits are clear as glass.

  • Mhm solar panels are a popular method for capturing renewable energy, but they have some limitations.

  • They need lots of space, special installation and have some aesthetic drawbacks.

  • But what if they look like this?

  • And every window around you doubled as a solar panel?

  • We've developed a way of making solar cells transparent buy only capturing the invisible light.

  • This is the only technology that allows you to do that.

  • Ubiquitous energy isn't the first to develop solar glass.

  • Others have combined glass with solar cells that are thinner and smaller.

  • But they could have drawbacks, like lower power efficiency and less transparency.

  • Ubiquitous took a different approach and developed a solar coding made from organic dyes designed to match the transparency of standard windows.

  • Light absorbing dyes are found all around us.

  • What we've done is we've engineered those dies to selectively absorb infrared light and also convert that light into electricity.

  • And that's key because infrared light is invisible to the human eye.

  • The result, the team says, is solar glass that delivers the best combination of energy efficiency and transparency.

  • The installation here is one of the first installations of this glass.

  • For now, solar glass is still less efficient than traditional solar panels are, but its potential for wider use can make up for that.

  • For example, the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco has 70 times as much vertical surface to its rooftop, and that would mean over 20 times more energy production from transparent solar than opaque solar on the roof.

  • We really see the future of this technology as being applied everywhere.

and the solar windows you're about to see are relatively small.

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