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  • Lamar Jackson should be commanding top dollar at quarterback because he's an M v p.

  • Uh, if I'm his agent and I actually don't think he has one.

  • But if I were his agent, I would be saying, Look, I've got one more M V P trophy than Dak Prescott has.

  • He's got 40 so let's talk 40.

  • I don't know if that gets you there, but it's not unreasonable to start there in a conversation.

  • Now.

  • What's interesting about Lamar Jackson?

  • Greeny and I know how much Marcus Spears enjoys talking about the finances and the salary cap.

  • Lamar Jackson was the 32nd pick in a draft so same year and same round as Baker Mayfield, who was the one pick but vastly different financial circumstances.

  • Lamar Jackson's made about 1/4 as much money so far in the league as Baker Mayfield has this year, Baker is going to make about $5 million.

  • Lamar's gonna make about 1.8 million, and not all of his salaries even guaranteed.

  • That's the difference between the one pick and the 30 to pick.

  • So the Ravens might find Lamar Jackson in a little bit of a dealing mood because he has more money yet to make than somebody who was picked first or second or third in that same draft.

  • That may be where Baltimore can find its discount if they can't Marcus Spears.

  • If you are making that decision, are you buying that Bentley right now this off season, Absolutely 100%.

  • And this is the Ravens.

  • Imo and Tori can speak to it better than I can.

  • He was there longer, but the Ravens take care of their players, especially guys that they draft and they perform well.

  • The Ravens have a history of doing this.

  • I don't believe this will be a contentious, uh, negotiation.

  • When it comes to Lamar.

  • They understand that he is a top flight quarterback, and we know what the market says about top flight quarterback.

  • So when you look at this organization's history, when you look at what Lamar has done, when you think about what Garage just said about his accomplishments in this league yes, from a from a number of situation it may be it may take some time.

  • But I don't expect us to talk for two years about Lamar Jackson contract and like we had to do about that.

  • Prescott.

  • You never know if it doesn't get done.

  • We need a new topic.

  • Tory, let me come to you again as a long time Raven here.

  • We need something to talk about.

  • Is there any concern?

  • Look, Lamar is brilliant.

  • He's been a brilliant player.

  • And to grab his point, he has been by the standards of what he has done, he's been dramatically under paid for what he has done.

  • But he also gets hit a lot more because of the nature of the way he plays.

  • He gets hit a lot more than a lot of other quarterbacks do.

  • If you were writing the check, would that give you any pause?

  • Um, not at all.

  • You know, this guy was the M V p of the league, and he's shown that he has limitless potential steel.

  • So this city loves Lamar Jackson to death.

  • The organization loves and believes in him as well, so I think it's something that's going to be happy.

  • That's going to happen.

  • But it's just a matter of when Lamar Jackson doesn't have the leverage that some of the other guys have had, and the reason why I'm saying that is that I remember when Joe Flacco was the quarterback and he was looking for his extension.

  • He was going to his last year, and he was just a little short of that number that made him play it out.

  • We won the Super Bowl, and he ended up being the highest paid quarterback in the league.

  • Lamar Jackson was the M V P already on his way.

  • More accomplished than Joe was at that point in terms of on the field and what the team has accomplished.

  • Now you're talking about a guy that has his fourth year left to play.

  • They can given that fifth round option because he was a first round pick.

  • They can franchise in two more years.

  • So Lamar doesn't really have the same leverage as most quarterbacks before the team.

  • It does make sense to get things done now before the new TV deals, because you have more money in the back burner and as we know, Quarterback said of the highest paid now at this present moment next year, their top five, then it goes to the top 10.

  • That number just continues to push forward Marcus super quick.

  • Any pause based upon the style of play.

  • Again, you're writing the check.

  • He's a guy who gets hit a lot.

  • Would it give you any pause?

  • Not at all, G.

  • Not at all.

  • I heard people talking about Dak Prescott getting hit too much when he was in his negotiation contract.

  • Look, they they are not a good offense without Lamar Jackson.

  • That's what it boils down to.

  • I still say, and I will hold it forever.

  • Your tape is your resume, and your tape is your deposits that you're making into the bank.

  • Lamar has made a lot of really big deposits in Baltimore.

  • It's gonna be at some point.

  • It's gonna be time for him to take a draw, and it's coming.

  • Well, this is that group, right?

  • This is that draft class Graziano quickly here that this is the draft class of Baker Mayfield Sand Arnold, who's not in this same conversation right now, but particularly Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson.

  • Should we expect to see both of those guys before we get to training camp next year, potentially sign new huge extensions?

  • Yeah, I think it's likely.

  • Look, I mean, look at this off season, two years ago, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff signed extensions, and they're traded by now.

  • Two years ago, Dak Prescott did not sign an extension, and obviously the Cowboys paid for that, so you can make either argument.

  • But I think ultimately these teams that have these quarterbacks don't want to lose them.

  • And it's more likely than not that those three guys get extended this off season.

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Lamar Jackson should be commanding top dollar at quarterback because he's an M v p.

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