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  • Could you make…?

  • No.

  • Could you do…?

  • Wait.

  • Which is it?

  • Do you know when to use "do" and when "make"?

  • Hello, hello, everyone.

  • You don't need to worry about this question anymore, because, in this video, I'll explain the difference between make and do.

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  • But first, I have a challenge for you.

  • We have these six activities, and you have to decide whether you use "do" or "make" when talking about them.

  • After watching this video, please leave your answers in the comments.

  • "Do" and "make" are two of the most common verbs in English, and people use them all the time.

  • But don't worry, I will help you learn to use them in the right way.

  • To start with, we usually use "do" when we talk about activities.

  • For example, "do a task," "do someone a favor," and "do the shopping."

  • "Make," on the other hand, can often mean there is an element of creating something.

  • A result, for example.

  • You "make a mess," "make a sound," and "make breakfast."

  • For example, when I was doing the exercises, I made two mistakes.

  • I did some research for the university, and I made a presentation with the conclusions.

  • We usually use "do" when we talk about housework, as in "do the laundry" or "do the dishes."

  • Work and study as in "do homework," "do business," or "do a project."

  • We usually use "make" when (we) talk about food as in "make a cup of tea" or "make a reservation at a restaurant."

  • Money, as in "make money," or "make X dollars, pounds, euros, pesos" from selling something.

  • Relationships, as in "make friends" or "make up."

  • Communication, as in "make a phone call, or "make a confession."

  • Plans and progress as in "make mistakes" or "make a list."

  • But remember, these are just common collocations and generalizations, not absolute rules, because there are some exceptions within these categories that you will need to be careful with.

  • That is everything for today, guys.

  • I hope "make" and "do" are a little clearer for you now.

  • Please, don't forget to write down your answer of the challenge from the start of the video.

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  • See you.

Could you make…?

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