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  • Blake Griffin to the Nets.

  • I assume you saw that yesterday.

  • That is the the consequential news.

  • Griffin and the Pistons, uh, you know, worked out a buyout and all that kind of stuff, and I want to read you a note that I got from woes on this won't sent me this.

  • Blake Griffin had interest for most of the NBA's top teams after he cleared waivers, UM, he had $56 million left on his deal with the Pistons.

  • The Nets view Griffin as a small ball center alternative off the bench.

  • Brooklyn has solidified itself as a championship contender with the addition of hardened to a roster that includes KD and Kyrie Irving.

  • And that's what you should expect Blake Griffin to be.

  • Here's Mark Jackson with further thoughts.

  • We don't know what Blake Griffin we're getting.

  • The Blake Griffin that has played for the Detroit Pistons this year is not the one that we've become accustomed to watching fly through the air and make plays.

  • But the one thing that he does do and still has his hike for the game of basketball, his ability to pass and make plays, he knows how to play so I think he'll make them better.

  • Which is crazy to say how much better will be determined on how much he has left in the tank?

  • Well, let's just make 100% clear that you understand who they're not getting.

  • There have been 332 players that have recorded at least one dunk in the NBA this season.

  • Blake Griffin is not one of them.

  • He has not dunked in a game since 2019.

  • You haven't been paying attention because he's been in Detroit.

  • This is not the guy that you remember will play a role.

  • It's a nice ad.

  • Maybe somewhere along the line they wind up winning one playoff game because they got him.

  • But don't start thinking, Well, this is lob city reunited.

  • Don't start thinking, Oh, this is unfair.

  • Now this is No, it's not.

  • That's not what this is.

  • This is not KD going to Golden State.

  • This is not the Blake Griffin that you remember now.

  • Is he able to be a significant contributor again?

  • The woes note.

  • I'll read it to you one more time.

  • The Nets view him as a small ball center alternative off the bench.

  • It's a valuable thing to have.

  • It's not exactly the difference between winning a championship or not.

  • The Nets are the best team in the East by a wide margin, Even without him.

  • I don't know that Blake Griffin is even necessary.

  • And I you know, I did buy the argument greeny at one point.

  • They didn't have enough defense because they were, you know, trending towards being the worst defense in the history of the league.

  • You're not gonna win that way.

  • I don't care what, but they've gotten better.

  • They can be better enough on defense to make it work.

  • And they are deep enough.

  • They do have enough depth.

  • We've seen that they don't They don't need to go out and make it.

  • Not Blake Griffin.

  • I don't know.

  • I put my reporter cap back on, uh, the other day, greedy.

  • I think it was Thursday or Friday, and I just started calling people, uh, curb players, recent former players, scouts, assistant coaches I know and just said so.

  • Can Blake Griffin play or not?

  • And greeny the answer like nobody had the same answer.

  • You know, some people some guys said, uh, I don't believe you can play anymore.

  • Some guys said, Yeah, you can, you can play He was withholding his services in Detroit.

  • He was sulking because Horace Grant kids went in there and took his lunch money, took his job.

  • That's what some people thought that some people thought, you know, he's done.

  • He physically he's had too many injuries, too many surgeries.

  • He's done.

  • And But But coming with each one of those answers at the end was, Well, you know, I'm not really sure, Uh and so I don't know.

  • I asked people who would quote we, you and I both would qualify these people that I talked to his experts and they don't know.

  • They don't know.

  • They're guessing because at the end of the answers, like, I don't know if he can play again.

  • I'm like, What do you think?

  • Well, I don't think you can, but I don't know.

  • We'll see.

  • Yeah, that's amazing to me.

  • I mean, two years ago, Blake Griffin averaged 20 points a game.

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Blake Griffin to the Nets.

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Blake Griffin to Brooklyn won’t be ‘Lob City’ reunited – Mike Greenberg | #Greeny

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