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  • well.

  • Another top five player in the NBA was in action last night, and that is James Harden wearing a Nets jersey going into Houston, getting a little love there from the crowd.

  • And, of course, he just messed around and got a triple double.

  • Once again.

  • What do you think about the way hard is playing in the way he was received in Houston?

  • A song comes to mind nothing but smooth sailing tonight.

  • That's that's what I like.

  • It's almost like he's that dude, that wreck that's playing with headphones on and you really mad because you hate running with that dude because basketball is actually about communication.

  • And I can't really communicate with you.

  • If you're listening to music or a podcast during the game.

  • That's how it seems.

  • James Harden is playing at his own pace at his own speed and picking and choosing when he wants to be dominant offensively.

  • But I want to give you a nugget because I want to go deeper into the box score.

  • The Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, both of those teams right now in the regular season.

  • If you're watching, let's look at the status is okay are practicing, picking up 75 ft are practicing, picking up 94 ft.

  • And I guarantee you the number one player on their bulletin board for that idea is James Harden.

  • Because if you're an opponent of the Rock, if you're an opponent of the Nets, you must force James Harden to pass the ball early in the shot clock, try to deny him and make him work to get it back.

  • Because you know the one weakness that he has and every player has won.

  • Everybody has a blemish, all of us.

  • The one thing is, when he gives that ball up, he ain't working to get it back.

  • And when he gets that ball up, he ain't moving without it.

  • They got a couple of plays where they thought to the elbow.

  • They did a terrific play last night that led to DeAndre.

  • Jordan had a layup, Jacoby a lot of a layup.

  • He kicked it out 43 So if it was at the end of the game, like against the Hornets or against the Nuggets, people will be saying, Oh, why did he take the dunk that just embodies today's game?

  • James Harden is a dominant player in today's game.

  • You must not let them have a walk in the park.

  • You must take the basketball out of his hands or you and travel.

  • Travel, travel.

  • Yes, Jalen, No big deal.

  • Just our favorite player in the NBA Lamelo ball guiding the one to another victory.

  • He is one of one, and he had 19 points, seven rebounds and five assists last night in a big win against the Timberwolves.

  • Wednesday, we're gonna catch up and recognize the greatness of Lamelo ball Shining star for you to see.

  • You tried to tell them at the draft.

  • Kobe.

  • What?

  • What was your sentence?

  • Any GM that does not pick lamelo ball that has an opportunity will regret it.

  • And I think there are two GM that do right now.

  • Now, Jalen, we don't do this often, but we're gonna talk about the Detroit Pistons.

  • Why?

  • Because two Pistons had triple doubles last night.

  • Four players had triple doubles last night, the fifth time in the history of the league that there's been four players with triple doubles.

  • Jalen C.

  • Two pisses on that list.

  • Shout to T J McConnell with the 10 steals.

  • Indiana getting ready for that full court D.

  • But it's all about the Detroit Pistons.

  • Dennis Smith getting a rebirth in Detroit.

  • I see you, Plumlee put in that work.

  • It is not all about the Detroit Pistons is never all about the Detroit business.

  • It's all about the New York Knicks, baby.

  • The New York Knicks are going to the playoffs this year.

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Jalen Rose reacts to James Harden’s triple-double in his return to Houston | Jalen & Jacoby

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