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  • Hey, you dino fans!

  • In this episode of Dino News, we're bringing you exclusive coverage of the most super special event of the air, the Cretaceous Awards.

  • It's when we honor some of our most impressive dinosaur, which is why I'm about to win something for our first category today.

  • We're going big.

  • It's the award for Croatia's biggest dino.

  • Our nominees are Termini, Iot and gigantic Saurus.

  • Those are some huge Dino's, but there's only one whose biggest.

  • And it's why Yadi Yadi is a brachiosaurus, which were some of the largest dinosaurs who ever lived.

  • Jati representing for US BROCK, Eos Gigante Oh, didn't win this one, but at least he came closer than me.

  • I wasn't even nominated.

  • Our next award goes to the strongest dinosaur.

  • Our nominees are Trey Gigante toe and me.

  • Check out these muscles.

  • Okay, but sorry, Rocky.

  • The winner is gigantic.

  • Saurus Gigante was a shoe in to win.

  • Yep, Gigante was a Thera pot, a type of three toed dinosaur that walks on two legs.

  • The largest Thera pods, like Gigantor and T.

  • Rex, are known to be quite strong.

  • Our next category is the type of dinosaur with the longest name.

  • Oh, that's got to be me.

  • My name's so long I can't even say it.

  • It's true that Parasaurolophus is a mouthful, but it's not the longest name for a dinosaur.

  • That honor goes to patchy the Paki step Allosaurus coconuts.

  • There's got to be something I can win today.

  • I know.

  • How about clumsiest I know or funniest sneeze a Jew or easiest to catch in a trap?

  • I'm not sure I want any of those awards.

  • We know exactly what awards you should win.

  • What's best friend?

  • How many times have you led us on great adventures?

  • Come on, guys.

  • Follow me.

  • Well, Oh, wow!

  • Saved us from tricky situations.

  • Jump and protected us when no one else would.

  • There's no better friend than you.

  • And for that you deserve an award.

  • Oh, thanks, guys.

  • That's an award.

  • We all deserve three cheers to that awaken in a great tango.

Hey, you dino fans!

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