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  • figuring out a way to keep them in the game is a real thing.

  • The players also have to figure out a way to stay in the game.

  • This goes back to your in my ongoing debate about Draymond Green and 16 when LeBron craftily he was he, you know, he was crafty about antagonizing Draymond.

  • Draymond lost his cool, got a technical.

  • He had so many resulted in the suspension, right, And then LeBron went on to win the championship.

  • Draymond had to keep his cool Donovan like, If you want to make this point, Stephen and you did make this point the other day, I'm not saying you didn't, but this was the right point to make about the Devin Booker game.

  • What Devin Booker get thrown out for?

  • Stop that, and they were up seven at the time.

  • The whole thing, this was different.

  • Donovan.

  • What I saw last night was Donovan Mitchell, who, even though he was taking a lot of shots to score, he had his team winning the game and then, as Ben Simmons defense intensified and Joelle MP, really, the two best players on the floor, both on the Sixers defense, intensified all of a sudden.

  • Donovan Mitchell had a stretch of possession after possession after possession, where he didn't get it done, turn the ball over, took him advise shots, missed shots and Donovan Mitchell can take those shots because he can also hit them.

  • He's a good bad shot.

  • Maybe he could do that, but he was missing them.

  • He was.

  • He was.

  • He was getting, you know, he was not playing well.

  • They were coming away, possession after possession, with no points.

  • And it was largely on Donovan Mitchell, who had to deal with Ben Simmons.

  • So in those circumstances, when you see a frustrated superstar getting good defense played on him and he's complaining to the rest and complaining to the rest and complaining to the rest, that's different.

  • That's a learning experience for him.

  • He's got to know how to walk that line because this wasn't Devin Booker.

  • Stephen A.

  • When Devin Booker.

  • That was like, really Donovan Mitchell, like, yeah, man, he's beefing a lot, and he's not always justified in the beef.

  • Sometimes, Dude, that was an offensive foul like you put your arms around Benson.

  • It's an offensive foul.

  • So how do you explain the game.

  • To me, it's not.

  • It's not the game to make that point on.

  • Why do you?

  • Well, you can say that's not the game to make that point.

  • The reality is, is that he wasn't the only one that made that point.

  • Rudy Gobert made a point as well.

  • You're gonna say it's because then be dropped 40 and 19 on them.

  • You can look at it that way, but they're talking about what transpired.

  • No, because the 27 9 they're the best team in basketball.

  • It's one game during the regular season.

  • Why would they pick this game to all of a sudden lament about everything that's been going on?

  • It wasn't just about the game.

  • It was still a hard for game.

  • They didn't get blown out.

  • They felt that the game was in their grass.

  • But they could have won the game regardless of what transpired.

  • And in the end, that's what it comes down to.

  • It's not for you to look at them and say, Okay, it's just sour grapes.

  • Wait a minute.

  • It's a regular season game, a playoff game.

  • You might have a more big, bigger point, but a regular season game where they end up 27 9.

  • It's not that big of a deal.

  • The fact of the matter is that they're talking about what a lot of players in the league this year have been playing that have been complaining about and expanding the officiated bad officiating.

  • And on top of it all, they've gotten excessive to the point where they're rejecting dudes and they're robbing the fans of the ability to see the people we want to see.

  • I respect that.

  • I think that's a real point.

  • But to me, the takeaway if I'm Donovan Mitchell is not pouting.

  • So we don't get calls because we play for Utah and not for the Lakers or something like that.

  • It's if we're in a tight playoff game or final game with these dudes, because that's not impossible.

  • And Ben Simmons is locking me up possession after possession after possession.

  • I can't lose my cool with the refs.

  • That's the takeaway from even.

  • I gotta give Donovan Mitchell more respect than that and believe that he would give Ben Simmons props as opposed to complaining to the official.

  • If Ben Simmons did a good job on him, he's a star in this league.

  • He'll get him another time.

  • That's how you gotta look at it.

  • You can't disrespect the brother and think that.

  • Oh, because he was on lock and key for quarter.

  • All of a sudden, he gonna gripe.

  • He deserves better than that.

  • His resume says he deserves better than that.

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figuring out a way to keep them in the game is a real thing.

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