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  • Hannah Blake, Griffin and the Pistons have agreed to a contract buyout.

  • And so that will allow Blake Griffin once he clears waivers, uh, to become an unrestricted free agent.

  • And I'm told there's a great deal of interest among, you know, many of the top contenders in the league would love to bring Blake in for the rest of the season.

  • I'm told he's going to talk, you know, to several of those teams here, uh, in the near future, and then make a decision on where he'll play.

  • Yeah.

  • Would this be potentially in a less featured role on another team?

  • And was this really inevitable?

  • Were they unable to find a trade partner?

  • As far as you know?

  • Yeah, the your second question.

  • Uh, Hannah?

  • Yeah.

  • The money owed him over this year and next year, you know, nearly $40 million left on his deal next season.

  • Uh, just was impossible to find the trade where the money could match up, and and so they negotiated a buy out here.

  • You know, really, over the last couple of weeks and since you know, around February 15th, when he and the team mutually decided, you know, that he'd become inactive as they searched out.

  • Um uh, you know a solution here.

  • And yes, I think where Blake goes at this point in his career, he is no longer like he's not the lob city Blake Griffin anymore.

  • He's not the guy who plays above the rim, but what he has done is expanded his game.

  • You know, he's shown himself to be, you know, a fairly consistent three point shooter.

  • He's think for contending teams having him as a small ball center, perhaps in lineups.

  • You know, a four man who can come off the bench who can score, you know, who can really be a featured guy in a second unit.

  • That's got the attention, certainly, of a lot of teams around the league.

  • And now he has time to figure out where that rights.

  • That might be sure, this really.

  • Maybe the best thing for him the injuries, the decreased mobility, but certainly something to really contribute, perhaps add some depth to a contender.

  • Well, as always, we appreciate it.

  • Thanks.

  • So Adrian Ward Janowski with the breaking news.

  • The Detroit era for Blake Griffin is over this season.

  • Things really did take a dip.

  • His minutes per game as points per game is field goal percentage are all either at his worst or the second worst of his career.

  • But as woes mentioned, still a lot to contribute.

  • Blake, Griffin and the Pistons are parting ways.

  • That's according to Whoa!

  • Who says a number of teams are interested?

  • And he mentioned the Nets.

  • Also the Heat, the Warriors, the Trail Blazers.

  • At this point, How do you see Blake Griffin helping a team?

  • Yeah, I'm not surprised that Blake Griffin wants to join a contender.

  • Let's be really.

  • All his talents deserve the spot like, and I know his talents have sort of shifted from above the room to below it.

  • But still, he's a special talent, and the two that jump out to me are the Nets, obviously, because why not just go crazy this year?

  • They need an inside presence and might as well lean into souping up your starting line up all the way up, because starters are the ones that played down the stretch anyways in the playoffs, and also another team, probably the Portland Trailblazers, because the Portland Biggs used Tuner Kage and also Zach Collins have dealt with health and injuries, and I would absolutely love for game time Damian Lillard to get another piece that he can work with, especially on the perimeter.

  • Now we're Blake.

  • That's his game.

  • You know, Damian Lillard has been loyal to Portland, and at some point they're gonna have to be loyal back to him.

  • Sort of like we saw with Milwaukee and make some changes, some game changing moves.

  • Blake Griffin will definitely boost any of those contenders.

  • But Portland and also the Nets.

  • I sort of was like, Oh, this is interesting.

  • Yeah, definitely has some things to contribute Maybe not as a featured player, but if we're talking depth, if we're talking small lineups, uh, and the rest could be very valuable piece.

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Blake Griffin will become a free agent after agreeing to a buyout with the Pistons | SportsCenter

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