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  • Okay.

  • So, guys, science was out because of the toe irritation.

  • This one, we'll speed things up to the fourth quarter.

  • Jimmy Butler money here with the three and one.

  • Not even a lot of you.

  • Only irritated with regularly.

  • Well, Jimmy had 29 this one.

  • The Heat with the win, one of 3 to 19 about Kelly Olynyk with 1910 and seven kill out.

  • Fill out.

  • That was the that was deep down in the box store.

  • Also an actual headline.

  • Fourth quarter to Damian Lillard drilling that three.

  • But he was not done because minutes later he would explode here on this drive.

  • Finishes the layup Blazers with the lead and two minutes left.

  • Lillard with the Open three.

  • What do you think is going to do?

  • Chuck it up?

  • Drill.

  • Come on, now.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, that one.

  • Travel season high.

  • 44 points.

  • 40 points.

  • Not a single turnover for fifth time in history.

  • Too good.

  • He's my favorite player in the league.

  • I said that I'm on record as saying Okay, so with the wind, the Pistons and Knicks would hit the All Star break over 500 Julius Randle and then Jewish Randall again.

  • Just he is getting money for tips.

  • He's like tips, his favorite type of player.

  • All gas.

  • No brakes to it again.

  • Thunder shots.

  • I don't care.

  • Seven.

  • The Knicks with 1 14 to 1 of four and over 500.

  • Also in case you missed it for the first overall pick of the 2021 All Star draft, LeBron James chose Yonas one.

  • M v p.

  • Partnering up with another to defeat team Katie.

  • Let's see how both teams shook out.

  • Yeah, okay, So when it comes to the All Star draft, Gary and I got a chance to do a mock draft with LeBron and K d as their representatives, and we did not do well.

  • The Representatives okay, We were mocked over our marks, but I want to get straight into the disservice.

  • At the Eastern Conference, all Stars were subjected to LeBron gets to play on his team.

  • Kevin Durant doesn't and he's the best score in the association.

  • Fortunate.

  • They should have been able to front load his team with the first two picks.

  • They didn't get it anyway, I digress.

  • I don't know why I'm keeping so hard for salty, but listen, Katie knows he can't play.

  • Cpt just means can't play together yet.

  • So he chose Kyrie Irving because he said, Listen, young fella, I need you and James Harden to get a couple more minutes under your belt.

  • They've only played seven total games together as a trio.

  • Get a couple more minutes under here, but before I return after the All Star break.

  • Still very much a problem, by the way.

  • I just want to establish that they're going to be very good beyond that.

  • I was looking for the game within the game when we were doing our job.

  • I wanted Ben Simmons and Devin Booker on the same team.

  • But look, we got the best of both worlds and that we can get the game within the game now because on the same team, because of one Kindle job Yes, I'm just saying, All right, we will see how that plays out, because they are on opposite ends of the floor.

  • They both got picked seven, but neither of them Yeah, I have that one up like No, you both got chosen seven like, yeah, you both are too hard.

  • Seven.

  • Um, but jazz, The jazz no jazz, no love Utah.

  • I was supposed to go, um, to to Moab on a bachelor's trip, but okay, that's fine.

  • Yeah.

  • Irrelevant.

  • Listen, LeBron James said he needed size on his team.

  • Yes, went to Monte Sabonis and Rudy Gobert were both options.

  • He chose Sabonis.

  • Rudy Gobert.

  • LeBron James doesn't like you.

  • Nobody likes the Jazz.

  • I don't know why I like the Jazz.

  • Nobody else likes them.

  • You claiming that right now, But I'm sure you'd be dogging the Jazz just like everybody else in the world, their entire fan bases and our mentions every single day.

  • I are nothing but respect for the Utah Fair enough.

  • But beyond that, even the clowning that LeBron did by picking some bonus over a seven footer they were number 22 23 in this dress.

  • The Donovan Mitchell Rudy Gobert, your last two picks in the All Star drive.

  • I don't know how much more disrespectful it can get for Utah unless we involve Vernon Maxwell.

  • Somehow, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.


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SportsNation reacts to the 2021 NBA All-Star Draft

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