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  • there are guys who reinvented themselves.

  • I don't know that Blake can do that on a level to make him a big deal.

  • Think he has to.

  • But who he's replacing in this lineup, really, or when he's on the floor.

  • That's really Jeff Green.

  • What you're really asking is, what premium does this version of Blake Griffin in a small ball lineup playing the five give you over?

  • Jeff Green?

  • Marginal.

  • But here's where you lose the argument.

  • Max Kellerman.

  • You yourself said when they traded for James Harden, Where's your additional?

  • Big and your words were just a big body, just somebody that that can guard somebody in the front court that can rebound occasionally.

  • You said you got him, but but you got a guy in him that can also give you 20 or 25 to on sporadically.

  • Not consistently.

  • You're not asking them to do it.

  • And again if you are the number one of the number two option, which he has been throughout his basketball career and suddenly you're not even a third option.

  • Oh, by the way, because they got the they got lethal Weapon three in Brooklyn, and there's no way you can leave any of them alone you're literally talking about.

  • I mean, you're not the fourth option one because of how lethal KD Kyrie and James Harden is.

  • You have any idea?

  • How did DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin's of the work?

  • They might actually get open shots?

  • You might literally have.

  • People like to go ahead and shoot, cause we ain't leaving these dudes along.

  • Go ahead and shoot.

  • I mean, think about think about what you're saying.

  • The whole point of my big body thing that the Nets need to make a deal by the deadline was on defense.

  • Blake Griffin's not gonna mean marginally, maybe just because of his, because he's big and strong, but he's not a defender.

  • And I'm not a really remember what I told you?

  • I said, Max, they're like 28th.

  • I said, Max, marginal improvement.

  • They can get the 23rd or 24th on defense, and they're good and what have they done?

  • And now you pick up Blake Griffin.

  • I told you before, Brooklyn, that's the favorite to win it all.

  • You know, the Brooklyn Nets, and the only thing to me that could derail the Brooklyn Nets at this point in time, you can throw Anthony Davis is a possibility, of course, Anthony Davis.

  • But now it's really about.

  • Is Katie gonna be healthy?

  • Let me tell you something with or without James Harden, with or without Kyrie, as long as it's not both of them.

  • As long as you got one of them and k d with this crew, they're going to the finals.

  • And if you, if all three are healthy, Brooklyn's within the chip.

  • I agree.

  • We are winning it all.

  • I agree with that.

  • The way they got their defense together that quickly was like a miraculous, practically like what?

  • You went from the worst ever to kind of solid defensively in a couple of weeks without making a move.

  • That's what I'm saying.

  • What does Blake do?

  • Does he make them over?

  • What?

  • Blake moves the needle a very little bit at this point in his career on this team?

  • Not on this team.

  • Tell me one thing.

  • Blake does well right?

  • Excuse me.

  • Well, not right now.

  • Nothing you can't say definitively compared to what we're accustomed to seeing from him.

  • But we have to take into account the fact that you're you're on a squad that was going absolutely nowhere and you were never interested in being there to begin with and you were not motivated.

  • And now that you're with a championship squad buffered by a bomb squad and Oh, by the way, reuniting with your teammate in a media market because Brooklyn is still New York media capital of the world with and you've never won a chip, he's never even been to a conference finals break.

  • All of this stuff is right there.

  • You know what Blake does, however, many minutes Jeff Green gives you in that position.

  • Blake now gives you 25 extra minutes.

  • Whatever it's gonna be of Jeff Green level play, you're hoping I got news for you, Blake.

  • Jeff Green Level play.

  • I think Jeff Green is vastly under.

  • I agree.

  • It's a nice little edition.

  • I like Jeff Green a lot, so when you say he's an extension of Jeff Green, I see no problem with it.

  • I'm not saying there's a problem.

  • I'm saying it's a little improvement.

  • It's marginal improvement on the team because you get minutes from a big body, you can play some basket.

  • It's a big deal I think that I think that helps you win a series Instead of going six games, you sweep.

  • That's how I'm looking at.

  • Things might be sleeping anyway.

  • Mike might not.

  • Well, what a drastic turn out of circumstances for Blake Griffin.

  • You got to be happy for the guy, and we talk about players constantly having to reinvent themselves.

  • Blake Griffin going to have to do the same with the Nets.

  • He has started every every regular season game of his career.

  • That's at 642 games, obviously, as well as reporting right now, that will not be the case with the Nets.

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there are guys who reinvented themselves.

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