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  • Good afternoon.

  • It's a good day today.

  • You know, Uh, when we took office 45 days ago, I promised the American people that help was on the way.

  • Today, I can say we've taken one more giant step forward and delivering on that promise that help was on the way.

  • I want to thank Start off by thanking the vice president.

  • But I want to thank all of the senators who worked so hard to reach a compromise through the right thing for the American people during this crisis and voted to pass the American rescue plan for a minute.

  • For over a year, the American people were told they were on their own.

  • They were seen.

  • We've seen how hard that has been on so many Americans.

  • As of last night.

  • 519,000 and 64 lives lost to the virus.

  • This nation has suffered too much for much too long, and everything in this package is designed to relieve the suffering and to meet the most urgent needs of the nation and put us in a better position to prevail.

  • Starting with beating this virus and vaccinating the country.

  • The resources this plan will be used to expand and speed up manufacturing and distribution of vaccines.

  • Over 85% American households will get direct payments of $1400 per person for a typical middle class family of four husband and wife working making $100,000 a year total.

  • With three kids, they'll get $5600.

  • I mean, with two kids, because $5600 and will be on the way soon.

  • That means the mortgage can get paid.

  • That means the child can stay in community college.

  • That means maintaining the health insurance you have.

  • It's going to make a big difference in so many lives in this country.

  • Unemployment benefits will be extended for 11 million Americans.

  • Schools are gonna have the resources need to open safely.

  • States and local governments that have lost tens of thousands of essential workers well, we have the resources they need available to them.

  • When I was elected, I said we're going to get the government out of the business of battling on Twitter and back in the business of delivering for the American people, making a difference in their lives, giving everyone a chance.

  • A fighting chance of showing the American people that the government can work for them and passing the American rescue plan will do that.

Good afternoon.

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