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  • I mean, he ain't lying.

  • Yeah, I play video games my whole life.

  • I'm not like, Hey, let me pick the Utah Jazz.

  • Let me pick Karl Malone or I want to rock out and beat John Stockton.

  • I was always like, I want to be Isaiah Thomas.

  • I want to be Michael Jordan.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Like, I'd rather be Larry Bird like maybe Larry.

  • We play in Boston never, for once in my mind that I go to Utah, but there don't get that twisted.

  • That's Bs, man.

  • To a degree, the fact that the best team, the two best players and the best team get drafted last, Uh, if there's anything that will add to the motivation of the Utah Jazz, especially the way they lost to the 76 years the night before, bad calls by the refs, the fact that people don't respect how good of a team that Utah Jazz are.

  • You talk about the Draymond video that Juwan Howard used to motivate Michigan.

  • There's a litany of things that are now going to be used to motivate the Utah Jazz.

  • Yeah, I get.

  • I mean, I get, LeBron said.

  • There's no question.

  • That's why they all just fell out laughing because it's true.

  • I mean, it's Utah, man.

  • Nobody ain't feeling Utah like that.

  • And I understand.

  • But what does the city have to do with the two players, right?

  • I mean, that's what people like.

  • Well, the two players deserve to be picked, but they was picked at the bottom as reserves at the bottom very easily.

  • Could have been somebody if LeBron then wanted to pick somebody else.

  • Take it very easy to just said, We're gonna pick these two dudes instead.

  • But they picked them, but it goes back.

  • It's just like saying, Don't throw your computer at me, J For what I'm about to say.

  • It's just like Duke.

  • We don't really rock with Duke like that.

  • Great players like Duke.

  • Yeah, man, Great, great winning the whole deal.

  • But when we was young, we was feeling Michigan in the 55 We didn't wasn't feeling no Christian.

  • I felt Georgetown, Georgetown, Georgetown was my squad.

  • Georgetown, Victor, Pay all those guys.

  • That's the way we looked at it growing up.

  • And that's the same way that LeBron we're looking at the Utah Jazz.

  • It's like Utah man.

  • Nobody.

  • That's just the way it is.

  • It does make it interesting, though.

  • When people say you know where you play doesn't matter.

  • You know how people used to say that and try to use that argument when it comes to name recognition?

  • It's like, almost, I love Portland, Portland's Dope Place.

  • But that's why Dame will never get the recognition because it's porting because he's in Portland.

  • And as much as fans in Portland try to say, Well, that's not really the case.

  • You know, any team, look at what's happening with Zion with Zion's different because Zion's a sports, I mean and Jamie's Dame is still getting a lot of love because he closes out games in a different rep.

  • But imagine if Dane was in L.

  • A.

  • Imagine if Dave was in New York.

  • Imagine if Dan was in Chicago will be talking about game every day, and every Zion is the flavor of the month because you're waiting for a dunk.

  • And remember, he blew out the shoes.

  • So he comes into the league with some stuff following him, already built into social media already built into the social media.

  • So you know if if the pelicans can win games, then they'll continue to talk about them.

  • Had 44 last night.

  • We have 44 we were not.

  • We come into our meetings and we've been around a lot of other meetings in media.

  • You're not gonna see media lead with that, right?

  • It's like, Well, what's happening with LeBron?

  • What's happening with the honest What's happened to All Star Game?

  • Like all these other things, it just smaller markets.

  • It becomes challenging for them.

  • At times, I would just say two things.

  • One, Um, Portland is a top five fan base, there's no doubt, and it's a small consolation.

  • But if he goes down as the best player in that franchise history, he'll be beloved to a level that few players can because that fan base is unbelievably onboard.

  • Second thing, by the way, circle these two dates both of these games on ESPN.

  • Oh, that's great.

  • Saturday, April 17th Jazz It Lakers Monday.

  • Just two days later, Jazz it Lakers again.

  • That'll be 10 Eastern on ESPN, such as file away, file away this draft snub for April 17th.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

I mean, he ain't lying.

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