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  • Mira: Are you ready to meet the gymnasts of the jungle?

  • They're called siamang.

  • Come on, let's look closer with me, Mira.

  • Siamangs are apes that live in the rainforests

  • of southeast Asia.

  • They can mostly be found in the wild in Malaysia.

  • Siamangs have large teeth and no tails,

  • and their arms are super long.

  • Sometimes they even get in the way when they're walking,

  • but they're great for swinging through trees.

  • Look at him go!

  • Siamangs can twist their arms completely backwards.

  • So amazing.

  • You and I can't twist our arms like they can.

  • This helps them get from one vine to another.

  • Wow! I guess that's why they're called

  • the gymnasts of the jungle.

  • When we look closer, let's see what we find.

  • Just look at those toes.

  • Siamangs have big toes that are kind of like our thumbs.

  • They can use their feet to grab and carry things.

  • That keeps their hands free to swing through the trees.

  • There they go again.

  • Siamangs eat mostly fruit and leaves.

  • They take care of each other's fur

  • by doing something called grooming.

  • They even sing together.

  • ( singing )

  • They can hear each other singing really far away,

  • even in the jungle.

  • Can you trying singing like they do?

  • ( singing )

  • Amazing!

  • Keep learning about animals

  • and you can be an animal expert one day, too.

  • See you next time,

  • when we look closer at more Disney animals.

Mira: Are you ready to meet the gymnasts of the jungle?

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