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  • like you said about 400 students to come in, and they certainly make themselves heard.

  • And I find it fascinating, for I have said There's the dunk for Jogo and that one's going to count defending him and it's no problem throwing it down.

  • Well, I'm surprised you didn't go jogo going all pogo on this right now.

  • When you think about he's got the sticks, then what?

  • We're seeing Fornicola Jogo to start off his senior night strong drive for two by Raekwon Grey Jogo passes up an open opportunity.

  • Dan Goodwin's also come off the bench for Notre Dame, and Cormac Ryan has his first three of the afternoon Notre Dame has been able to handle.

  • Their business.

  • Is Dan Goodwin gets a look from the three in the corner, unable to finish it, But the other senior, Juwan Durham, making plays defensively up, pulls up from deep nothing but net.

  • It's back to a 13 point Prentice Hubs came into this game 15 points shy of 1000.

  • It would be one that very few to be able to do that in the mic Grey area.

  • Calhoun.

  • Good ball Fake opened three.

  • No fight for the rebound.

  • It's Gray had a chance for three.

  • Contact an opportunity at the free throw line.

  • Oh, and the southpaw wrap around pass and the flush by Juwan Durham.

  • Just players in the A C C and nationally in his third season, continues just under eight minutes remaining in the first half.

  • Inside they go to Bolshevik.

  • Oprah Visa working on Durham off the glass for to a nice play by Copa during one of the better post defenders in the A c C Notre Dame.

  • Not going to help them cope.

  • Evita.

  • Catching the basketball.

  • Goodwin Lashinsky.

  • It's another Notre Dame slam dunk.

  • Put it Dane Goodwin down the lane.

  • Nobody comes to help, and it's yet another basket at the rim for Notre Dame.

  • Trey words has it poked away, and Cormack Ryan tries to settle it down.

  • Finds the cutting teammate Dan Goodwin for the layup Quicker step to the basketball off a loose ball.

  • Come on.

  • The state would move up to nine and taking on Syracuse on Wednesday as Dan Goodwin knocks down the three over the last few possessions for these teams.

  • Dan Goodwin knocking down the three.

  • Yeah, I agree, but this Duke team.

  • I will say they're playing differently than they were at the time where North Carolina came into Cameron Indoor to beat them as Sadar Calhoun finishes with the dunk, the easy bucket off the turnover, making it a nine point game.

  • He's one up, two down, baby.

  • Come on now.

  • Two up, two down v a.

  • Stand up.

  • That's my young fellow right there.

  • So, of course, I definitely agree with that, as he's been a difference maker in this game, Ass has Scotty Barnes the second time.

  • I'm sorry.

  • That's Juwan Durham.

  • He's taking on 12 all time best shot blockers, 1 71 coming into the afternoon at this end of the floor, the Irish has certainly cooled off jogo trying to get that magic going that he had from the tip off, going left, going left and going around a great defender and Scotty Barnhart, scoring over the top of to Florida State defenders as great, comes over and barely missed.

  • The shot block played heavy minutes in this one, and you can see he is fatigued at this point.

  • Coach him, probably going to have to get him a break at some point before the end of this game so valuable to this team, I'm sure he will be back on the court.

  • We come back from our under four.

  • Time out.

  • Prentiss, Huh?

  • Off the hesitation.

  • Lays it in baskets for the Irish to get the lead back to 10.

  • Nice.

  • Has he by Prentice Hub drawing off the defender as we see Scotty Barnes at the rim.

  • One more time.

  • Apprentice Hub.

  • 20 points for him.

  • What about what great turns down the shot finds polite for the Open three pointer.

  • It's a four point game for Notre Dame and add three for Florida State, making this a four point game.

  • Scotty Barnes able to push the basketball but Raekwon Grey back into the game Mike grade like 78 to 80.

  • So with a minute left, they're probably going to have to put more points on the board as Prentice Hub does.

  • Just that.

  • Now, at 76.

  • Tim this message Soon.

  • I still don't know where I played with Tim Kempton.

  • Where was that?

  • Three by Walker is good.

  • It's back to a six point game coming into next season.

  • This is how good we need to be all the time and play this way consistently as Notre Dame finishes off and gets there first rank win in the past four seasons.

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like you said about 400 students to come in, and they certainly make themselves heard.

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Prentice Hubb leads Notre Dame to upset win vs. No. 11 Florida State [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN

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