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  • - [ Gaines ] Come on. - Chris Comer! Come in.

  • [ Gaines ] Comer! You're in the game. Come on.

  • Hey, hey, hey, hey, son. Come here! Come here! Where you goin'?

  • - You don't want me to go in, Coach? - You don't want a helmet?

  • Where's your helmet? Go get it! Yes, sir!

  • - You see my helmet, man? - Find your helmet, son.

  • - What you lookin' for, Water Bug? - Let me get this real quick. Let me get your helmet, man.

  • Come on, come on. My goodness gracious.

  • Boobie. Water Bug, you can't come out here with no helmet, man.

  • You seen my helmet right here? I can't believe it.

  • 28 sweep. 28 sweep.

  • You don't know where your helmet is? What are you thinkin'? Where did you put your helmet?

  • - Right there a second ago. - Well, it ain't there!

  • Do you not know that you play the game with a helmet on?

  • - Put your tail end right there.! - Hut!

  • [ Sportscaster #1 ] He throws back to Miles.

  • Miles cuts to his right.

  • Bailey takes him down.

  • Was that a knee? Could have been.

  • [ Man ] Hold on. Hold on.

  • [ Sportscaster #1 ] Winchell was still in there. Billingsley was still in there. Unfortunately...

  • the running back's been taken down hard and it looks like a knee could possibly--

  • -Just gonna touch the kneecap here. -[ Screams ]

  • Does it hurt over here, son?

  • Get up, Boobie.

  • [ Moaning ] Let me take a look at this. Let me look at it.

  • [ Man ] It's definitely his A.C.L. I mean, it's a legitimate tear.

  • [ Gaines ] Do you think he tore any cartilage? Maybe. I could feel the knee catching.

  • What do you think?

  • This kid, it's all about how he responds mentally.

  • I don't know.

- [ Gaines ] Come on. - Chris Comer! Come in.

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Friday Night Lights (3/10) Movie CLIP - Boobie Goes Down (2004) HD

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