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  • Hi, my name's Ed. Welcome to Ed explains  English. Learning English through stories.  

  • The usual, Judy? Yes, please. Can you get me a water too.  

  • Of course. Here you are my dear, one  white wine and sparkling water.  

  • Thanks Ed. It's rather quiet in  here. Where is everyone?  

  • It's still a little early, it'll start to  fill up when the football match is over.  

  • Was there a match today? You  could've warned me.  

  • Relax. United won, so all their fans  will be happy. Anyway, cheers.  

  • Cheers. I saw Ted at the fruit machinesHe plays on those things all the time.  

  • He just sits near them Judy, he  doesn't play on them all the time.  

  • He normally plays cribbage with Jack.  

  • The same Jack who plays in your quiz team? That's right. He's very knowledgeable,  especially when we get history  and geography questions.  

  • What's your specialist subject? Subjects Judy. Sport and music.  

  • Would you like a game of darts? Not really, I've been on my feet most of the day.  

  • It's nice to be sitting down. Oh, here comes the first group of binge drinkers.  

  • They'll be here all eveningpropping up the bar.  

  • Isn't that Simon? He's in Ed junior's classso he can't be eighteen yet. I didn't think  they'd serve underage drinkers in our local.

  • Chillax Judy, that's Tom, Simon's older brother.  

  • They just look similar. That's okay then.  

  • Just think you and your son will be able to have  a pint together for the first time, next year.  

  • Err, yes. That's right Judy, our first time. Has he been here drinking with you before Ed?  

  • Oh look, I can get served at the barWill be back shortly my dear.  

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Hi, my name's Ed. Welcome to Ed explains  English. Learning English through stories.  

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