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  • right, Let's bring in Daniel Cormier now.

  • He was there, right at the Octagon for all of the action.

  • Let's start with the controversy.

  • Daniel.

  • What happened there?

  • Apparently there was some miscommunication, maybe from John's corner about the knee.

  • Stan, It was crazy because Pio to Young, was starting to kind of pull ahead of the fight.

  • Al Jemaine goes down to the knee.

  • One of the corners is yelling, just punched, just punched.

  • But then, when Picota looks to the corner and asks, What should he do?

  • Can he kick one of his corners in Russian?

  • Says Yes, Pio to landed the kick.

  • Al Joe goes out.

  • Fight doesn't continue.

  • Rightfully so.

  • In Al Jemaine, Sterling becomes the new UFC bantamweight champion.

  • Not the way he wanted it to happen.

  • But that was a massive mistake by the corner and the action of Peoria Yon, and it ultimately cost him his title.

  • All right, if the light heavyweight battle John Vlahovic, the underdog against Israel Adesanya.

  • But, uh, first of all, did you agree with the decision?

  • Yes.

  • Now stand.

  • I was a little bit worried or concerned at 49 45 but two judges gave Yanukovych a 10 8 round in round five, but ultimately it does not matter.

  • The right man won the fight.

  • Janjetovic was able to get takedowns when they needed to happen, and it got him the victory.

  • And it shows how difficult it is to go up in weight classes to try to become a double champion.

  • Israel.

  • Adesanya is one of the best fighters in the world, and John Vlahovic showed that the £20 difference and a skill set that he has it's too difficult to overcome Great job by the champ, a guy that has been warning and learning and living to get the respect that he deserves.

  • Finally, we'll get it after beating one of the pom pom best fighters in the world.

  • All right, so there was a lot of talk about Jon Jones was moved up to heavyweight and Adesanya possibly fighting him at some point down the line.

  • Does this put the car wash on that?

  • You know, you would think that it does, but if you know Jon Jones, he is going to tweet something to make fun of Israel Adesanya and we'll just pour gasoline on the fire.

  • So this is not over, he will do something to entice, Easy to fight him on the terms that Jones will now want to dictate more because right now he will be in the driver's seat.

  • With medicine, you're taking the loss.

  • He will now have to give up a little bit more in order to get the fight that he wants so badly.

  • Meanwhile, Amanda Nunes continues clearing out the £145 division.

  • She dominates Vegan Anderson hit her with some strikes and then got the submission on the ground.

  • Is there anything you can say about Nunez that you haven't already?

  • Said Stan?

  • I don't think there's a word to describe the dominance that she is showing inside of the Octagon every time she goes out there.

  • She does better in this.

  • Tonight was a complete washout.

  • Right hand lands on Megan Anderson.

  • Megan tries to wrestle another punch lands on our way down.

  • Then we get to see something we haven't even seen from Amanda.

  • We saw Amanda's Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt from all the fighters that you guys listed earlier.

  • Neil did a great job with the names Tate, Rousey, Anderson, cyborg.

  • They all got knocked out tonight.

  • Megan Anderson got submitted on the ground, so she's evolving and constant getting better.

  • Which is only scary because she's essentially beat everyone in the 1 £45 division.

  • So now the goat goes back down to 1 35 to find new prey to try and hunt in this unbelievable title reign.

  • Yeah, she's got the new baby, she said.

  • It only makes her more dangerous.

  • And it certainly appeared that way Saturday D.

  • C.

  • Always a pleasure having you here for fight night by man.

  • Thank you, my man.

  • Appreciate it.

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right, Let's bring in Daniel Cormier now.

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Daniel Cormier recaps Jan Blachowicz beating Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 | SportsCenter

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