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  • Get in here, boy.

  • Come on. Get this off. Ow.

  • [ Moaning ] That's good.

  • [ Laughing ] Ow!

  • [ Moaning ] [ Gasping ] Take my shoes--

  • Don't get so prude. Stop. We're on your couch.

  • Something for everybody. Oh.

  • [ Girl ] Let's go to your room.

  • Let's go to your bedroom. Dad, can you just go back to bed, please?

  • Who's this? This Melissa?

  • Yes. Maria.

  • How you doin', Maria? Damn, girl. You have grown up.

  • Dad, please. Can you just go back to bed?

  • What happened to my lamp?

  • - Hey, y'all. What's goin'on? - Hey, Flippy.

  • Hi, Maria. What happened to my lamp?

  • I dropped it. [ Laughs ] Yeah, you dropped it.

  • That makes perfect sense, huh? He dropped it. Can't hold on to the lamp, can't hold on to the football.

  • - I can hold on to the football, Dad, now get the hell out of here! - [ Sniffs ]

  • Little fumble, can't hold on to the football.

  • Since when can you hold on to the football?

  • I haven't seen it. Y'all don't do it today?

  • How about yesterday? You hold on to the football yesterday? Have you seen him hold on to the football?

  • How 'bout tomorrow? You gonna hold on to it tomorrow? How 'bout now?

  • Can you hold on-- Hold on to the football. Goddamn it, Dad.

  • - Dad. - Maybe this'll help.

  • [ Flippy ] What are you doing? Hold... on... to... the football!

  • Dad! Goddamn it, Dad! Knock it off!

  • - [ Blows Landing ] - That's enough.!

Get in here, boy.

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