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  • basketball.

  • Yeah, odd to have a Duke Carolina game, where the teams are rather irrelevant.

  • Especially Duke.

  • Second straight meeting as unranked teams after 153 straight meetings with at least one of them ranked bigger game for the Blue Devils.

  • Just a 20% chance of making the N C A A tournament entering Saturday, according to BP.

  • Lose this one, and they pretty much got to win the postseason tournament.

  • Carolina, seeking their second regular season sweep of Duke in the past three seasons, feels good for Old Roy.

  • There's six No at home in a C C play, 91 overall at home and Garrison Brooks step back.

  • Mondo Buycott 11 points in the first half.

  • The fans who are there love the rivalry game.

  • Caleb Love.

  • That's pure.

  • Then Duke, suddenly down by 20.

  • Oh, boy, wonder more Junior tries to go between the legs.

  • Turns it over.

  • Backcourt violation.

  • Duke had 11 made field goals and 11 turnovers in the first half.

  • Brooks, with the feed from love deep, too.

  • Duke 16 point halftime deficit is tied for the second largest in a game in the last 25 seasons off the steel Jordan gold wire.

  • He believes he has two points.

  • Leaky, Black says.

  • You'll get nothing and like it.

  • 10 minutes left in the second half, Domination continues.

  • Brooks, 14 points on his senior night.

  • Black feeds their on sharp.

  • Yep, two hands work on the lats, working the biceps and the abs to have work there.

  • Junior.

  • Kick your knees up.

  • Duke loses their 11 and 11.

  • Any hope Joe Lunardi for Duke to make the tournament?

  • Mhm.

  • What do you say about a 500 team on a three game losing streak that they better win their conference tournament if they want to go dancing in March?

  • Even if that team is Duke, this is the position the Blue Devils find themselves in after a lacklustre finish to an average season.

  • When was the last time a team won five games in five days to go to the N.

  • C.

  • A.

  • A tournament like do casting?

  • How about UConn in 2011?

  • The Huskies did it, and then they won a national championship.

  • So, blue Devil fans, Maybe there's still hope.

  • All right, Joe Morty, Coach K squad has made each of the last 24 N.

  • C a tournaments that streak clearly in jeopardy, pretty much got to win the A C C tournament as Joseph.

  • All right, let's punch a ticket here.

  • Ohio Valley Conference Championship game.

  • You got Morehead State taking on Belmont.

  • Bruins won the conference title last year, only to find out that the tournament was canceled four days later.

  • Cleared some disappointment.

  • Mhm.

  • Belmont.

  • Morehead State, That is.

  • Caleb.

  • Fall under for three years, 34 in the first half, Belmont down three and Skylar Potter stepping up 6 to 3 more.

  • Head set up.

  • Three.

  • Now OVC Freshman year.

  • Johnny Broom Swimming around the defender here.

  • Gets it to go.

  • Evan.

  • Bronze in the paint for the slam, going back and forth on this one.

  • More Red states.

  • Jalen Sabri.

  • Three.

  • Yes, mhm.

  • It was 43 32 a half from Morehead State.

  • They're up 11.

  • In the second, broom patient spins gets to the hoop.

  • Nicely done.

  • Then he calls for it down on the block with a little fade away.

  • Right there.

  • Gets it again.

  • Why not feed them?

  • And one more head set up by 16 at this point.

  • Broom.

  • 17 points in the second half he was dominating and they continued to roll.

  • Morehead State moving on, winning, 86 71.

  • So they clinched their ticket into the tournament, and they're back of the dance for the first time since 2011, when they were led by Kenneth Faried, the Manimal.

  • The Eagles could be a sneaky upset play.

  • They have won at least one game in each of the last two tournament appearances.

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Duke better win the ACC tournament if they want to go dancing - Joe Lunardi | SportsCenter

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