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  • Mm Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier would never be the same after the final bill to fight one.

  • What went on in the ring that night was one thing.

  • What happened afterwards is what shaped history there's, and to a degree, hours.

  • There was a relationship of complexity friends before the fight, never afterwards.

  • Not after their sequel in 1974 or the Thrilla in Manila.

  • The year after that, Ali won both of them.

  • The hate they gave one another on the other side of the ropes was worse than the damage they did to each other Over the course of those 41 rounds, there's only so many times a man named Mohammed is going to be called caches before belittle, Mint becomes his direct means of communication in reference to you Cure and a thriller and a killer.

  • When I get the gorilla in Manila, there's only so many gorillas.

  • Uncle Toms in White Men's Champ and slaves a man named Joe is going to be called before he wishes you fall into a pit of fire to burn you.

  • Frasier should have known better.

  • You, Ali should have done better.

  • We should have made them be better.

  • And because we didn't because we remain fascinated by the complexity of their despise, we allow their rivalry to no longer be just about boxing.

  • The inability to forgive during those years essentially shaped their coexistence as much as the fights.

  • Frazier's tolerance, temperament and self restraint the diametric opposite of Ali's outspoken, brutal urgency.

  • Joe was Martin to Ali's mouth.

  • Truth is, the internal and public mischaracterizations consumed both men, which in the end, maybe they realized just how significant and meaningful the other was in their lives.

  • There's remains the classic tale of the eternal line that divides friendship and hatred when two human beings actually soul mates.

  • Mhm.

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Mm Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier would never be the same after the final bill to fight one.

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Scoop Jackson on Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier's rivalry | Boxing on ESPN

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