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  • This is Sakae Kato. This is

  • the person I met

  • on the visit I made just a week or

  • so ago.

  • When the evacuation order was made

  • 10 years ago, he decided

  • to stay behind

  • because he wanted to rescue cats

  • abandoned by neighbors in the

  • chaotic situation.

  • Since then, his house

  • in this area was

  • converted as a cat shelter and

  • he has taken care of more than

  • 60 cats.

  • And he keeps rescuing cats,

  • which could be a second or third

  • generation of the abandoned cats 10

  • years ago.

  • And now his house

  • is in very poor condition.

  • So with no running water, no

  • toilet and the world has started

  • to leave, but he could not stop

  • taking care of cats and dogs to

  • rescue.

  • So I asked him why,

  • 'Why do you keep taking care

  • of the cats?'

  • He said he was shocked

  • to find

  • pets in abandoned houses

  • when there was demolition.

  • So

  • that memory and then

  • the sight of the scenery he saw made

  • him devote himself to

  • rescuing cats and dogs.

  • And when I met him, he devoted

  • his full day to

  • feeding the cats and cleaning the

  • cat cages.

  • I met him in the early morning and

  • then went through everything, it was

  • night.

  • And then he said he wants to be

  • there to take care of the last

  • one.

  • He has to get the water from the

  • mountain stream.

  • And then he

  • is running a small construction

  • company.

  • He's just running his shelter

  • without any donations.

  • So he says he

  • spends seven thousand

  • U.S. dollars a month and that

  • he had been doing that for ten

  • years.

  • And also another interesting thing

  • is that he loved every animal

  • living in that restricted area.

  • So in the night in the sunset time,

  • I saw that about 20

  • wild boars came from his house

  • because he kept feeding,

  • you know, the wild

  • boars.

  • So the wild boars know that

  • that guy Kato

  • will feed them again every night.

  • But the farmers close the

  • wild boars a pest and also blame

  • them for wrecking empty homes.

  • But my feeling is that he really

  • loved all the animals.

  • And my feeling is that he's more

  • like a king of his own kingdom

  • of animals.

This is Sakae Kato. This is

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