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  • mhm in China, there's a farmer who doesn't know how to use the Internet.

  • But he knows how to build robots that can move and robots that can greet.

  • Who is this farmer?

  • Why did he build these robots?

  • And how did he end up as a university professor without education?

  • Yes.

  • When I was in China, I heard about the Iron Man of China who taught himself how to make robots without going to college, high school or middle school.

  • I was so curious I had to see him for myself.

  • Let's go.

  • I'm gonna make a long video about China, bro.

  • So I got in a car with my friends, left Beijing and arrived in this remote village where most people are poor farmers.

  • It's a place where nobody speaks English.

  • But after hours of searching, we found Whoa from the outside.

  • Woo looks like just any old farmer.

  • But if you step inside his home, you'll find dozens of robots made from really basic objects that can walk, talk, pour water All right, spot right Chinese and even carry him around like a taxi.

  • Yes, these robots might look weird, but to this guy, their like his Children.

  • He even named them after himself.

  • All of this started 30 years ago, when Wu was a young man because he was poor.

  • He had to drop out of school.

  • But he was obsessed with building robots.

  • So he taught himself without using books without using the Internet somehow, who managed to create not just one or two by 100 robots that can do 100 different things.

  • All of this was not easy.

  • One day, as he was building a new robot, his equipment caught on fire and burned down his house.

  • His family had nowhere to live.

  • His wife threatened to leave him.

  • Woo had to take out more debt to rebuild the house.

  • He thought of giving up, but at the end of the day, he couldn't abandon his Children.

  • And 30 years later, things improved and his love for robots paid off.

  • He entered in a robot competition and won first place.

  • And then he one another and another.

  • The rest of China finally took notice.

  • He got on the news, got paid for his robots and got the recognition he deserved.

  • Ni Hao.

  • Okay, after years of struggle, who paid back his death and won back his wife's heart.

  • Your great.

  • By now he's no longer farming.

  • He sells robots for a living and teaches online through the Internet, which, by the way, he still doesn't know how to use this Chinese iron man and his robot Children are living proof that as long as you follow your passion to the very end, even if it's hard, even if the whole world turns their back on you, eventually you will succeed tomorrow.

  • Nice.

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mhm in China, there's a farmer who doesn't know how to use the Internet.

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The Chinese Farmer Who Builds Robots

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/06
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