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  • You may have seen this story about Congressman and former Trump White House position.

  • Dr.

  • Ronny Jackson.

  • A new report claims while he was serving the White House, he bullied his staff, made sexual comments to female subordinates and abused both alcohol and prescription drugs while on the job.

  • Yeah, very serious charges.

  • Well, now some of his professional colleagues are coming to Dr Ronnie's defense, and we have a couple of them with us tonight.

  • Please welcome Dr Daniel Dangler and Dr Ted Cushman.

  • Thank you, gentlemen, for coming on the show.

  • Oh, no problem.

  • Happy to defend Dr Ronny.

  • And, uh, not a big deal, Conan.

  • But you mispronounced my name.

  • Okay?

  • I'm sorry.

  • It's not pronounced Cushman.

  • No, there's a common missing.

  • It's Dr Kush, man.

  • And my official medical title is Doctor Dangles the party MD.

  • Yeah, he's never had a single party die in his care, all right.

  • Especially when I show up with this and these party favorite condoms.

  • Okay.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Are you to even real medical doctors?

  • Oh, of course.

  • We're real doctors.

  • We went to medical school with Dr Ronny.

  • Yeah, it was the hardest six months of our lives, but now I can legit to all the doctors stuff I had already been doing for fun.

  • Like prescribing meds and sticking my finger up your butt to check your tonsils.

  • You know what?

  • Tonsils are in your throat.

  • I know.

  • I get in there pretty good shots.

  • I remember one time Captain Ron, we called him Captain run because he used to wear a tin can for a cap.

  • So one time, Ronnie was super wasted and he did the face off surgery.

  • Except with tongs.

  • I'm sorry, Dr Ronny.

  • Sounds like a terrible doctor.

  • Strongly disagree.

  • Cone and his knowledge of viruses was unmatched.

  • He knows all the strains.

  • Covid swine flu red banana, donkey monster, Sour Patch Kush, Mango haze.

  • The widowmaker stank of sorts.

  • Rag.

  • I get it.

  • I get it.

  • These are married Tarantino, foot party, fudgy the whale slurry cane bar mitzvah cookie.

  • Channing Tatum's toothbrush Passage.

  • We get it, we get it.

  • It's enough.

  • It's good.

  • Wow.

  • Brim.

  • You need to bring down that blood pressure.

  • Is that how you talk to your own primary care party physician?

  • You know I don't have a party physician.

  • It's pretty clear that Dr Ronnie has a real credibility problem.

  • Okay, Now, let me just go on the record and say that Doctor Captain Ronny Jackson is a consummate professional and extremely capable physician.

  • Your Honor, I'm sorry.

  • Why did you just call me?

  • Your Honor?

  • Isn't this the legal deposition for that time?

  • Doctor Rani sowed some guy's knees on backwards.

  • No, it is not Snip.

  • Wrong Zoom.

  • We gotta go.

  • But first, let's refuel.

  • Yeah, All right.

  • Dr.

  • Daniel Dangler and Dr Ted Kush, comma man.

You may have seen this story about Congressman and former Trump White House position.

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Ronny Jackson's Colleagues Come To His Defense - CONAN on TBS

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