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  • goal.

  • Four of the Sustainable development goals.

  • Quality education Does blended learning, improve education?

  • Meet Don Don is one class away from graduating, but the class time conflicts with his strict work schedule.

  • Don neither has to leave class early or be late to work.

  • Mm.

  • He doesn't want to leave his job, but still wants to do his best.

  • In his final class, Don sees that there is an opening for the same class in a blended learning classroom.

  • Blended Learning offers the best of both worlds.

  • Students are able to get one on one time with teachers and work at their own pace online.

  • Mhm Don not only gets to continue to get to work, but he also feels like he is learning more blended.

  • Learning allows John to get hands on experience with an instructor and open up a line of communication.

  • Don is now able to ask questions in lectures and get as much information as he can before he goes to work.

  • After work, he is able to view online lectures and post into a discussion board.

  • Don is also able to submit his assignments in person and open online chats with his teacher in order to go over them later in the day.

  • He is also able to track his grades and improvement through the school's online portal, as well as complete projects online that he may not be able to turn in during class hours.

  • Blended learning allows students to optimize their learning and get the most out of their education.


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