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  • How do we create equality for all gender identities, particularly those who are LGBT?

  • Yeah, human rights are violated when people are attacked because of their sexual orientation or because they don't follow the other's cultural norms about how they should look or behave.

  • We have made great steps in recent decades in our society to support lesbian, gay, bi sexual and transgender people who make a big contribution to our culture and to our economy.

  • Despite all this, LGBT people continue to face and fight with significant barriers in their life.

  • More and more studies shows that this irrational phobia against this collective it hasn't gone away, but how Discrimination affects LGBT people.

  • In some countries, people from the community have difficulties in accessing education or workplaces.

  • They are also frequent victims of human trafficking.

  • In rare cases, there is even death penalty for being LGBT.

  • Just imagine you are a boy and declare yourself gay in front of your family and school mates.

  • Mhm.

  • After that, your schoolmates would mob you or just tell uncomfortable things some of your friends would suggested you to commit suicide situations like are not so rare as you might think.

  • Mhm so what needs to be done then sexual identities are changing.

  • It's important that the government has a handle on this and, most important, the schools, universities and health institutions.

  • The regulation of homosexual marriage can be a step to the right direction.

  • Yeah, everyone needs to support this community.

  • Start with yourself and help to build a way towards justice.

  • Oh.

How do we create equality for all gender identities, particularly those who are LGBT?

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Equality For All Gender Identities - SDG5

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/05
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