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  • Why is Jalen Ramsey such an interesting person to be commenting on this situation?

  • Well, they have the same agent, and, uh so you know that they're in contact with each other through that connection.

  • And you know, Jalen Ramsey did this.

  • He was in Jacksonville, Didn't like it there, didn't like the way the organization was treating him, and he let it be known he wanted out.

  • And eventually they felt like they were forced to trade him to the Los Angeles Rams.

  • They got two first round picks, and it was a good deal for them.

  • But he did force his way out.

  • So he knows whereof he speaks.

  • And he's kind of the one who sort of wrote a bit of a playbook for DeShaun Watson.

  • If he does want to continue to force this situation and force his way out of Houston Now, Mike Tannenbaum, you made a very interesting point in our meeting this morning about the individual who was making those decisions right now in Houston.

  • The history that he and you share and why you could see him taking this thing all the way.

  • I'd love you to share that, creating Nicasio for 18 years sat right next to Coach Belichick, and I'm using this description in a very positive way.

  • As a leader, coach Belichick would make decisions in a sober, dispassionate, emotionless way.

  • Whatever is best for the football team is what we're gonna do, and we are going to ignore the noise.

  • If there's one person in the NFL who I think has the makeup to ride this out the entire year, it's Nick Presario.

  • After 18 years of watching arguably the all time best do it, I think Nick will be unaffected by all the noise.

  • I think he's the captain of this ship, and this could go the entire year.

  • Dan allude to the juxtaposition of the two sides right now, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is ultimately Carson Palmer.

  • Part two.

  • Where decision.

  • Watson doesn't play this year and he's not traded.

  • It would look at the end of the day.

  • It's in no one's best interest for great football players not to play football, so that that's why I sort of shake my head.

  • I would hate to see that, but you see the two sides dug in Luis Riddick, what do you think I think this is ridiculous.

  • I mean, what what point is Houston proven?

  • By doing that?

  • You're just gonna make him sit?

  • You're not gonna recoup anything for him and return your football team right now is devoid of talent.

  • You don't have the assets to improve the football team.

  • So you're just basically saying we're just gonna junk this year?

  • We're gonna jump this year, and we'll see what happens next year simply because we don't know what to establish the president of star players who are disappointed in how we do things saying that they want to try and then forced their way out of town.

  • Look, this is a situation where I think if people are really sobering Lee honest with themselves that they created Houston created this issue here.

  • There had to have been a massive breakdown in communication.

  • Given what we know about the Shawn Watson, he wouldn't just up out of nowhere pull this out of his rear end and go.

  • Hey, you know what?

  • I just don't want to play for you now because I just figured out there's something better that I want to do.

  • And this isn't just a single situation This is a systemic issue that's been happening with their star players for a long time.

  • So instead of people here being worrying about precedent and worrying about sending to shine a message and let's just stand our ground and make him hold out and recoup his money and let's just see if he's going to take this all the way like Carson and threatened to leave, how about you start thinking about maybe rebuilding your football team and rebuilding the trust of not only the players in the locker room, but other players who are looking at your organization going?

  • I don't want any parts of going anywhere like that.

  • I don't want any parts where every historically great player in this organization rips you.

  • Once they leave their they absolutely.

  • That cannot be just a coincidence that that is happening.

  • It can't be so.

  • I think you know what.

  • They better be pretty honest with themselves about why they find themselves in this situation, because if they don't, then it's just going to repeat itself over and over and over again.

  • And aren't you in this business to win?

  • It's it's extremely well said.

  • I think it's what A lot of people think it's worth reminding you.

  • In case you don't know, Nick Assyria was not there for any of this.

  • He's a brand new general manager who kind of walked into the middle of the situation.

  • The systemic problems that seem to be there go all the way to the top of the organization, and that has not changed.

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Why is Jalen Ramsey such an interesting person to be commenting on this situation?

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