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  • all right, So this conversation that Wendy started a couple of days ago involving that Nick's has everybody wondering, like, Who's this player going to be?

  • And everybody's trying to guess.

  • As you said, Right?

  • So Bobby Marks jumps into the fray.

  • He's the ESPN front office insider who we've had on before, and he's terrific.

  • And he had his guests of who Wendy's talking about.

  • Take a listen, I think Brian Winters was alluding to Bradley Beal in Washington.

  • I think that's kind of where he was alluding to, and I don't want to put words in his mouth, but yeah, I mean, I think what we saw Brooklyn go through where, as long as you have a foundation in place and you have a strong management group and you've got young pieces around and it shows that you can go out and win games and probably not out of the championship level.

  • But you have cap space and you have draft picks and you are in New York or your your Brooklyn, one of these big markets.

  • They will come.

  • You know, Uh, stars will not come if you are a lottery team sitting in the bottom here and you know the way of the world is going to be on that player.

  • But if you just fit in with with Julius Randle or R.

  • J.

  • Barrett or whoever, whatever they do in the draft, New York, New York should be an appeal and I agree with Brian, I mean, I think, you know, a a year from now, probably not this summer, because it's not the right, uh, free agent class, but maybe in a trade, Or maybe next.

  • Next, you know the following off season if things continue this way, that they will be able to get one or two of these main main guys there.

  • Bradley Beal is an interesting name.

  • I just I'm not sure people them after the year you want him after what they want to.

  • What they're getting is right now, Alan.

  • Mm.

  • Well, no, I wouldn't do it in season, but the Wizards seem like they don't want to do it, and Bill is going to have to be the one that say I want out.

  • And so far he has said, I don't They played a lot better of late, so that's why that one I just kinda I don't.

  • I'm not buying that one as much as I would.

  • I would put money down that a lot that Booker eventually is going to start getting itchy like like a second place.

  • I think I think again, it'll be right.

  • There are second in the West, but maybe in the playoffs he gets that shine that he's been waiting for.

  • Maybe he's got to do it in the playoffs.

  • Maybe that's what matters, But I just feel like in the West, it's a lot harder to break through and become a guy like Look at Donovan Mitchell.

  • Look at Jamal, Jamal Murray.

  • You just mentioned yoke.

  • It's like like there's players that showed us in the bubble that they're damn good and you don't we talk about is playoff P?

  • Yeah, it's cool guy sitting out this game and, you know, Hardens returned.

  • It's in.

  • The only reason they got that shine is because they were in the bubble and we had nothing else to watch.

  • So, like if that if that would have been a back to back game and the game was coming on second, we probably watched the first game and went to sleep on their game right, But because they had a game, every day was early.

  • We watched and we were.

  • We were educated, right?

  • It's one of those things that a lot of times as the West Coast bias because they play so damn late, we never get to see him.

  • And we damn sure not gonna watch them on a on A on a regular game where they're not playing a marquee matchup between, like the Lakers or the Clippers or a team that we think is good or Brooklyn.

  • So I mean at that point, how how much access do you get to even watching Denver, Which Denver is one team that I think has two pieces that can go get a guy like Bradley Bill like they got the assets.

  • They got a lot of young talent.

  • They got deep rosters, but they got Jamal.

  • They see if you got Jamal Murray, you don't need Bradley bill.

  • Like I know it sounds ridiculous that you wouldn't need, But I'm saying like I I think there needs are gonna be more like Wing D.

  • I wing defense, like Michael Porter Jr is the issue there in Denver is like he's inconsistent and his defense is not very good.

all right, So this conversation that Wendy started a couple of days ago involving that Nick's has everybody wondering, like, Who's this player going to be?

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