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  • The only reason I'll say A and B did not embarrass the Jazz and Go Bear last night is because this is what Shocks been talking about in regard to end bead this entire time.

  • He showed flashes of this in his career.

  • So far this year, he got in shape.

  • Doc Rivers is the coach.

  • Now he's surrounded by shooters, and the funny thing about MB Tango Bear is they both in the past have been really effort giving defensive players and a little lazy on the offense.

  • Both of them, like I've watched them both and thought you can be, didn't want to get down low and post up more.

  • It takes more effort, more energy and go bare just generally this year.

  • Not so.

  • And bead is doing what Shock always said.

  • Not having flashes not having a game or to do it night in and night out.

  • This is what Shocks been talking about.

  • So Stephen A.

  • He's been doing it, and he has that thing in him that a lot of great uh, most greats have where he wants to get the dude who's guarding him, what he say about Myles Turner when he gave the Pacers.

  • That work, he said.

  • Oh, he's been, But I've dominated him since I came in the league.

  • He's looking at Gobert.

  • Oh, he makes all NBA defense, second team 13 whatever.

  • And I don't know No, I'm a better defensive player than him than him, let alone offensive.

  • He's got everybody in his sights.

  • Stephen A.

  • It's like remember, uh, remember Predator to when Danny Glover finally got on the spaceship on the Predator ship and he saw the pelts on the wall.

  • You saw Alien and you saw like E T.

  • And you saw how Predator had been hunting all these that this is what Embiid is doing.

  • He's hanging pelts on the wall of his ship right there.

  • That's Gobert!

  • That's Turner one after another.

  • And there's no answer in the NBA for NB right now.

  • The league's not built to deal with him.

  • There's no on his size who can do what he does.

  • He's shooting from the outside.

  • He's killing you on the inside.

  • He's defending maybe the best defender in the game this year.

  • If it's not Simmons, he's just doing this to everyone.

  • I don't know if you get embarrassed by him, because he's doing it, He's in that case.

  • He's embarrassing the whole league, All the bigs.

  • Well, I will tell you this.

  • It really, really highlights the difference between Brett Brown and Doc Rivers because indeed is not doing anything that we haven't seen in his game before.

  • We just wanted him to do more of what he needed to do, and he wouldn't do it.

  • But Doc Rivers comes there, and Doc Rivers demands he gets behind in the post.

  • He demands that he's in shape.

  • He demands that he's more accountable.

  • He demands that he leads better and all of a sudden you see a difference now.

  • Obviously, it helps that you've got shooters surrounding them to buy his.

  • Harris seems to play with his best when he's being coached by Doc Rivers because he was having his best year when he was a Clipper with Doc Rivers.

  • And now that he's reunited with Doc Rivers in Philadelphia, look at the kind of year he's having.

  • Seth Curry is one of the great shooters in the game and we understand that and look at how he's evolved as a player.

  • But Doc Rivers basically is in the situation where he's got.

  • He's got in beads here and he's held and being accountable and then beat his listen, because I'm not seeing anything that indeed is doing that he couldn't do because I saw flashes of that throughout his career that we kept asking.

  • Do it more, Do it more, do it more.

  • He's just doing it more now, which means he's being held accountable.

  • And that's really what this is about.

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The only reason I'll say A and B did not embarrass the Jazz and Go Bear last night is because this is what Shocks been talking about in regard to end bead this entire time.

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Did Joel Embiid embarrass the Jazz? | First Take

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