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  • mhm.

  • Most stay clear of Fukushima's restricted zone in Japan.

  • Of Sarka Kato is the place of his life's mission.

  • Taking care of abandoned pets, which he refers to as kids.

  • Yeah, very much, uh, something you can put them or do you recommend?

  • All of his family and neighbors fled after the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear plant meltdown 10 years ago.

  • But Cato vowed to stay on in a near empty township and began taking care of stray pets.

  • Kato and his 41 stray cats now live in a dilapidated house.

  • Water is collected from a nearby mountain spring, and Cater uses public toilets outside the restricted area.

  • Now just just hang on on the co op.

  • Then I thought, No one there to more crazy.

  • More than that, you got to know more.

  • Cato isn't technically allowed to sleep at his house and is officially a resident of Fukushima City, which is a two hour drive away.

  • He says his family, as opposed to his charitable but costly project taking care of the animals, eats up around $7000 a month for food, fuel and veterinary expenses.

  • Kato estimates he's spent at least $750,000 over the past 10 years looking after the pets.

  • But his kindness has not always received a warm welcome from onlookers.

  • In February, Kato was arrested on suspicion of freeing wild boar caught in traps set up by Japan's government.

  • You know, uh, guys, you that uh huh.

  • Despite the obstacles, Kato insists he has permission to stay in the area and won't be deterred from what he sees as his life's purpose.


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