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  • Crowdfunding is a great solution to help you gain access to funds.

  • Crowdfunding is basically fund-raising

  • but with built-in social media and sharing tools to help accelerate the process.

  • It's like fund-raising on steroids.

  • Once you craft a killer page for your project and launch your post,

  • start spreading the word and be bold.

  • Only when your campaign gets your approval and support from your communities,

  • you'll typically see others from outside your network to start to join the fund when you reach 40% of your initial funding.

  • The reasons why people commit dollars are the message in reason behind your post:

  • the unique way that you raise funds, the really enticing rewards you offer in exchange for dollars, and for investment crowdfunding, a financial return.

  • Rock The Post allows you with its built-in social media features to easily engage absolutely everyone in your communities.

  • Don't forget to reach out to the media and/or any organizations that have similar interests.

  • Gather all of your email contacts in form of distribution lists.

  • The more planning ahead you do, the better it will be.

  • Join groups on various social media platforms and forums to leverage those people to help in the fund-raising.

  • Set a realistic fund-raising goal by estimating how much your networking yield.

  • It's possible that your campaign will go viral, but you will need to do the leg work first in order to get traction, so don't count on that.

  • Create an awesome video pitch about your project and the team behind it.

  • Use your first 30 seconds to engage your target audience and keep your entire presentation to two to three minutes just like a movie trailer.

  • Spread the word everywhere.

  • Leverage your entire network: friends, colleagues, social media pages, groups and put a link of your project and your signature.

  • There's a reason the word crowd is in front of funding.

  • Keep your audience and network engaged.

  • Frequent updates are a must.

  • Be strategic and constant.

  • Keep in mind the difference between strategic and annoying is true passion.

  • So let your passion flow.

  • Remember deliver on what you promised and you'll enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

Crowdfunding is a great solution to help you gain access to funds.

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