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  • green list of things that could should or will happen this off season is that I've come to the conclusion the New York Jets should try one more season with Sand Arnold as their quarterback and trade the number two pick in this draft.

  • Sam Donald has never been surrounded by anything that would give a quarterback a chance to succeed.

  • He's had terrible coaching.

  • He's had terrible talent around him.

  • He's had no opportunity whatsoever to succeed.

  • And here's further reason why I am somewhat.

  • I'm skeptical of the Jets taking a quarterback in this draft.

  • Mel Kiper, in responding to a question on a mailbag, was asked to look at this year's draft class in last year's and outside of Trevor Lawrence.

  • He likes all of last year's quarterbacks better than all of this year's.

  • So if Zach Wilson, who was the presumptive number two pick, is at best a 50 50 proposition, I think so is Donald, and you can get a King's ransom for that second pick.

  • Chris Canty hosts a local talk show in New York City on ESPN New York, and the second I said this, I saw your head go like this, Yeah, green in my head.

  • Why my mind is about to explode because I thought you were with me with the Jets taking a quarterback with the second overall pick.

  • My biggest thing with Sam Donald is we come up with all of these excuses, and maybe there are more reasons as to why he hasn't had success in his first three years with the Jets.

  • But those reasons don't help you figure out whether or not he can play quarterback in the NFL.

  • And that's the biggest thing like the value proposition that you have with the second overall pick.

  • The Jets can take the chance on the potential of Zach Wilson, a guy that we haven't seen fail in the NFL versus rolling the dice with Sam Donald again and betting that Rob Sala and Joe Douglas can get him fixed.

  • I just think it's too big of a risk for Joe Douglas to take.

  • Everybody recognizes that he's not Sam.

  • Donald is not Joe Douglas quarterback.

  • He didn't draft him, but the minute that he passes on taking a quarterback with the second overall pick, Sam, Donna and Joe Douglas are married together.

  • Can I just say this though in terms of compensation.

  • Hambo sent this to me.

  • So I'm reading this off of my phone because we were talking about this the last time a team traded for the second pick in the draft, the Cleveland Browns in exchange.

  • In that deal, that turned out to be Carson Wentz.

  • The Browns got to one's a two, a three and a four.

  • That's the value of the second pick.

  • So if you're the Jets, would you rather have Sam Donald and something like that?

  • Or the 50 50 proposition that is the kid in the draft?

  • No, I would go with the 50 50 proposition because quarterback is the most important position in the sport.

  • It's the most important position in all of team sports.

  • If you don't have a quarterback, it's hard to win in the National Football League.

  • The Cleveland Browns didn't start winning until they figured out the issue of quarterback with Baker Mayfield.

  • So that just speaks to the importance of the position.

  • If you don't have a quarterback, it's gonna be hard to win.

  • The Jets got to find the quarterback.

  • I don't think Sam Dong Louisiana, okay, you're much bigger than me So I'm gonna stop yelling at you and let me go over here to field gates, Who is the only person I know who's not bigger than the Yates.

  • What do you think of this?

  • First of all, grainy.

  • I've been working out, so don't get too confident over there.

  • But greenie.

  • It took the Browns four years to get to the playoffs after making that trade, which also included multiple head coach and general manager trades changes.

  • I want you greenie to enjoy your Sundays on the couch with your son.

  • I want you to have something to look forward to when you watch Jets football games on Sunday.

  • The Jets need to trade or make a move at number two for a quarterback and then figure out whatever it is the same known, trading him away or keeping him on the roster as a backup, which seems unlikely.

  • You need to restart the clock here.

  • Same Donald is one year away from being on the hook for the Jets for $20 million on 1/5 year option or potentially more on an extension.

  • If I'm the Jets, restart the clock and I understand that you could acquire a ton of extra picks.

  • If you trade pick number two, you've already got a ton of extra picks and all this cap space you could draft.

  • Zach Wilson signed a premium wide receiver in free agency.

  • You've got three additional first round picks between this year and next.

  • If I'm the Jets, I'm restarting the clock.

  • I'm starting fresh.

  • I have my quarterback to build around going forward, and it's the pick that Joe Douglas is responsible for.

  • All right, so we're over to Nicole.

  • What do you think?

  • So, stability and stability and confidence.

  • Those two factors, stability and confidence help a football player.

  • They actually make a football player.

  • And if if you don't have stability and confidence, then you're a shell of what you should be.

  • And Sam Donald has not had stability, and he's lost his confidence.

  • And we saw that all in the NFL films where you say I'm seeing ghosts out here.

  • He hasn't had the head coaching.

  • He hasn't had the coordinators.

  • He hasn't had the confidence in himself.

  • So I feel that if he does get that stability and he gets his confidence back, he could be a good quarterback.

  • So I'm I'm saying Stay with Sam, Donald, Build around him with the money that you have in your draft picks and see what you got.

  • There we go.

  • It took a former patriot to make some sense.

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green list of things that could should or will happen this off season is that I've come to the conclusion the New York Jets should try one more season with Sand Arnold as their quarterback and trade the number two pick in this draft.

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Greeny urges the Jets to stick with Sam Darnold and trade the No. 2 pick | Get Up

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