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  • You know, there are very few things that set us apart

  • from the rest of life on Earth.

  • At the heart of them, I believe, is our inexhaustible power of imagination.

  • Imagination is the ability to bring into mind, things that aren't present.

  • With imagination, we can anticipate the future.

  • We can revisit the past.

  • You can step outside the present moment

  • and try and see things as other people see them.

  • It's through creativity that we develop our architecture,

  • our scientific proofs,

  • and our works of art.

  • We don't just live in the world as we find it,

  • we create civilizations, theories, technologies,

  • and we reach beyond the planet.

  • In honor of the life and work of Sir Ken Robinson,

  • TED-Ed invites you to reimagine the aspects of life we take for granted

  • by finishing the sentence: imagine if ...

  • Visit to learn more.

You know, there are very few things that set us apart

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How would you finish the sentence, “Imagine if…”? - Sir Ken Robinson

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/04
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