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  • Thanks.

  • Hi.

  • My name is Lily Sage Weinrib.

  • I'm a funeral director here in New York City.

  • My hope for women in 2021 is that we continue to honor, remember, protect and defend the rights of our sisters, not just our CIS gender sisters, but those of us who are trans, non binary and non gender conforming.

  • Hi, I'm beneath a shower.

  • I'm a fashion graduate and a Quidditch player.

  • And my hope for women and non binary folks in 2021 is to try something that scares you.

  • Something that you've been told that you can't or shouldn't do.

  • Kwaku Maza, Argentina Mama Gisela Pesh months Well and secularism respect farmed electrolyte.

  • I'm Camilla Don, founder and CEO of Robotic Activations.

  • I hope for women this year is that we break more barriers in the fields of science and technology.

  • So we encourage the younger generation of women to consider a career in this fast growing with very male dominated industry.

  • Miranda Manila movement Islamic Make these women who as article a bold media No Seo joining the system tipped me down.

  • Hi, Mara.

  • Scientists Dosa Chuck Kenya, Kenya, Kenya in a car Pataki So Sandra Sanchez campaign and, uh, you know, knows the show Crazy Minto Personal memento.

  • Recognize Memento.

  • So phial alone.

  • No mask are.

  • My name is Yogi to Diana, and I run a campaign called People Against Rapes in India.

  • I wish our country our streets should be safer for our women, for our Children.

  • And in 2021 we should see no cases of sexual violence, and all the perpetrators of previous cases should get punished.

  • Hi, I'm Dr Rati and I'm one of the coordinator for Covid 19 vaccination program in hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

  • My wish and hope for all the women in 2021 is especially the front liners who is currently fighting the pandemic is to be stronger and continue fighting for your family and the nation.

  • Take care.


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Women around the world voice their hopes for 2021

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