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  • as teams are assessing what they're gonna do with quarterback.

  • The draft is obviously around the corner, and Mac Jones of Alabama is skyrocketing up a lot of boards.

  • He finished as a Heisman finalist.

  • He had a great Senior Bowl to untangle below, who was his teammate and predecessor at Alabama, made a very flattering comparison.

  • When asked about him.

  • He was on a Yahoo sports podcast and to a set of Matt Jones quote, I would say he's a sly kind of athletic person.

  • He's a more mobile Tom Brady.

  • I'm sure he didn't mean that, quite the way it comes out as we bring in our new draft analyst, Matt Miller, who you will see here irregularly as we work our way towards the draft.

  • So a more mobile Tom Brady sounds awfully good to me.

  • Matt.

  • How would you?

  • What is your evaluation of Matt Jones in this process right now?

  • You know, not that quite quite that high on Mac Jones.

  • But, you know, I haven't been with him for two years, like to a ton of Milo was.

  • So I think we do need to pump the brakes just a little bit.

  • I think He is a very hard evaluation.

  • Greeny We look at, you know, 17 career starts.

  • What he had around him in Alabama makes this very difficult to evaluate where four first round wide receivers at the end of the 2019 season.

  • This year DeVante Smith that we see here killed everybody.

  • Last year, he was just everywhere offensively, winning the Heisman Trophy.

  • So I think it's really hard to take Mac Jones out of that system and evaluate him where the NFL is going.

  • We want guys who can move the pocket, who can extend the play.

  • We want scores, not shooters.

  • And Mac Jones is not that he has the weakest arm and he is the least athletic of the Big Five quarterbacks.

  • Do we talk about for the 2021 draft class?

  • So it is a tough evaluation.

  • He's accurate.

  • He throws a pretty deep ball.

  • But when we're looking at the physical traits, he is at the bottom tier of these big five again that we all think will be first round picks.

  • Okay, and so we've heard.

  • So that's so fluid with what people think of these different guys and you said something that I haven't heard anyone say in a very long time.

  • I want to get this exactly right.

  • You were on the what I would do.

  • Mock draft, right?

  • You put together on mock draft of what you would do.

  • And with the second pick in that draft, you have the New York Jets taking Justin Fields the quarterback out of Ohio State.

  • Now, four months ago, everyone would have said that now that seemed to be quite outside of the norm.

  • Why do you feel that way?

  • Yeah, I should probably ask what you think about that as the jet stream.

  • But I do think that Justin Fields still is the second best quarterback in this class.

  • And again it goes back to We have seen him do it over the course of two seasons.

  • And honestly, three.

  • If you go back to what he did at Georgia, he is the strongest arm most athletic quarterback in this class.

  • 63 £228.

  • When I look at him, I see a more mobile Dak Prescott.

  • If you can give the New York Jets a more mobile Dak Prescott with a stronger arm, by the way, you can take that every day.

  • So I think there is less upside, which is a really dangerous word.

  • When you're talking about the NFL draft, there's less upside that you have to contend with with Justin Fields, because I've seen him do it against Clemson and Notre Dame and Alabama and the big schools where Zach Wilson.

  • I've seen you do it against Utah in Washington, and it wasn't very pretty, So I'm still in.

  • Justin Fields is the second best quarterback in this class.

  • I think that's really interesting.

  • And you're obviously aware that a lot of people feel a little bit differently about Justin Fields.

  • And so the complaints you will hear one of them is that at Ohio State, they scheme receivers so open.

  • Ryan Day is so highly respected their coach that the definition of open in college versus what he will see in the National Football League is different.

  • How do you view that concern?

  • You know, Grady, I would say, Look at the guy you were just talking about Baker Mayfield coming out of Lincoln Riley System.

  • Same complaints.

  • Were there Tyler Murray similar complaints?

  • We could go back to Josh Allen at Wyoming.

  • Carson Wentz.

  • Maybe not the best example right now because of what happened last year.

  • But the same concerns were there for him coming out of North Dakota State.

  • All those players were drafted in the top 10, most of them drafted in the top two picks.

  • So I think that is something where we have to look at the Ohio State film and say, Yes, Chris Olav and Garrett Wilson were open all the time, But does that mean Justin Fields can't get to his second read?

  • Just because he didn't have to?

  • Does it mean that he can't work to the deeper progressions of the field?

  • I go back to the Clemson game after he got rocked by James Call.

  • See, he's making those downfield reads and progressions.

  • So I believe that he can do that with a little coaching once he gets to the NFL.

  • That was his signature game to play the way he did after that injury.

  • That night was spectacular and like you're the second person who has made that analogy, David Pollack said.

  • On this show, he's a more athletic dak Prescott.

  • That sounds awfully good.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

as teams are assessing what they're gonna do with quarterback.

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