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  • This is a make or Miss league.

  • A make or Miss league make, uh, Miss and to make or Miss league Ms Analytics under two minutes to play one point game and Jamal Murray drills.

  • The three pointer on the break may remember a slightly different scenario.

  • Murray critical of his two teammates down, too, with time running out as they all stood on the three point line and lost Suzie Zach.

  • Is this a bad shot?

  • I think the Nuggets should turn this into a bit, just making more and more ridiculous every time.

  • One on oh, pull up for a three pull up from half court, pull up from behind up or just keep getting more and more ridiculous with Just just take a layup.

  • You know what coaches say?

  • It's always a good shot.

  • When you make it well, that's that's a Steve Kerr thing, he said.

  • I used to sit there and scream Bad shot Curry until it went in and I was like bad shot.

  • That's a good shot.

  • Make clutch Gene that Spurs time running out, spurs down to John Murray, has a collision with Harden but gathers himself to get the shot off sinks.

  • It descended to overtime tonight, Sergeant flying under the radar a little bit this season.

  • Mm, he always really has been, especially no coming back from injury a couple of seasons ago.

  • But now you know, as a young player, that is the future, you know, Star potentially as an explosive score from the perimeter and developing his game.

  • Yeah, he's flying under the radar, but I'm just more impressed how he did not travel.

  • Like, how do you keep that foot down and not travel on that play?

  • That's crazy.

  • The great point.

  • He's not.

  • He's not having a breakout breakout season, but he's having a breakout season.

  • Looks so comfortable on offense defensively, his back.

  • His arms are a menace to society.

  • I do think when you miss as much time as he did, even a breakout but not breakout breakout season is a very good season and something to be grateful for.

  • Right Miss Eye contact sticking with Nets, Spurs checkout.

  • Kyrie Making this ridiculous lob to DeAndre for the slam.

  • Zack, how would you describe the fake and pass here?

  • So little Rajan Rondo esque, isn't it?

  • Rajan Rondo is the king of that fake fake behind the back pass.

  • The Nets are just absolutely rolling.

  • DeAndre Jordan looks invigorated, but I'll go Rondo esque.

  • Yeah, very nice.

  • I mean, the little show and go, but we rarely see it lead to a lob.

  • Usually, you know, they keep it and finished shoutout to Kyrie.

  • That's one part of his game that is extremely underrated.

  • His passing?

  • Absolutely.

  • James Harden, when he got to Brooklyn, apparently told DeAndre, I miss having someone to throw lobs, to get ready.

  • And apparently that extends to Kyrie.

  • Two.

  • Alright makes wishes.

  • Carmelo Anthony scoring 29 points last night to win over the Hornets and his 10 makes all of them, all of them straight.

  • Swish, no rim required.

  • How many swishes have you made the game before?

  • Yeah, man, I don't know.

  • Probably like three or four.

  • This is wild, like Hooper's.

  • That here, that he made 10 Makes all net for all.

  • First of all, shout out to the analytics department for actually tracking that.

  • That team, like probably has no sleep, but this is super impressive.

  • I've never really seen someone do this in any category.

  • Mhm.

  • Unbelievable performance by Melo, particularly in the fourth quarter anytime.

  • The Blazers right now without C J.

  • McCollum and use of Nurkic anytime they win the minutes when Damian Lillard is on the bench, your toast, they're winning the game.

  • And last night they won those minutes because of Carmelo Anthony.

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This is a make or Miss league.

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Carmelo Anthony made 10 shots in a game and they were ALL SWISHES | The Jump

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