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  • Todd.

  • I don't know if there are any other players, as I read them again from 4 to 10.

  • Justin Herbert, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Jordan.

  • Love Jacobson.

  • Is there anybody that stands out there that may be your own predraft?

  • Grades didn't align with quite as seamlessly.

  • Um, Herbert.

  • I didn't I wasn't quite as high on because of the, you know, spending time with him.

  • He was introverted.

  • He just wasn't the leader that I did.

  • A lot of quarterbacks are that when you sit down and you talk to him, But he also was in a situation with Mario Crystal Ball, where they wanted to run the football and be a defensive team, and he just was never allowed to be that guy.

  • But Mel had Mel and Herbert higher.

  • I had him a little bit lower, and clearly he's, you know, he's off to a really good start.

  • How about the trey?

  • Lance versus Mac Jones?

  • I'm imagine that they are close on the board for you.

  • Do you have Jones now ahead of Trey Lance?

  • I have Lance ahead of Jones.

  • It's not.

  • It's not a big difference in terms of grades, and it's rare to have five quarterbacks with the grades that belong somewhere in the top 20 you know, and so it's been tough to kind of go through.

  • But I think if developed properly, Lance has a chance to be special.

  • I really do.

  • I think it could be one of the top 10 12 quarterbacks in the league.

  • Mac Jones is just a different player and we've talked about this before.

  • The top four quarterbacks, all of the mobility and can come in the league and make mental mistakes but make up for it because of their their mobility and their ability to escape and extend plays.

  • Max going to come in and he's got to win with his mind.

  • You know he's great in terms of accuracy.

  • He can pick up 67 yards when you need it and when you get an opportunity.

  • But he relies on knowing, knowing what's going on with the defense, getting the ball out and being pinpoint accurate and I think he can do that at the next level.

  • But it's a very different evaluation with really the top, the top four guys compared to Matt Jones, he's so different in terms of his play style.

  • No, Mel, you did mention one more quarterback in your mailbag.

  • Someone asked you for a sleeper.

  • And most of the attention, this podcast tends to go on the names that will go in the first, Let's say 50 to 75 picks, but I thought you're mentioning of Davis Mills from Stanford was really interesting.

  • What's the backstory on him?

  • And what's his outlook as a potential pro prospect?

  • Well, it's really inside knows that the quarterbacks after that top group are really tough to try to figure how they will rank Davis Mills because Kyle Trask in Florida, we all have six.

  • But you know, Kellen mind.

  • Texas A and M Jamie Newman.

  • Lake Forest, Then Georgia.

  • We didn't play Sam Ehlinger from Texas a Philippe Franks, Arkansas and book Notre Dame.

  • But when you look at where Davis Mills is, 11 career starts to have been a dangerous numbers.

  • 11 career starts now, and there's five games this year because they missed the first one with the covid protocols, but he played really well.

  • He had the Colorado game was the only game he didn't complete.

  • A high percentage passes through three picks and the U.

  • C.

  • L A game, but threw three touchdowns and I can prove for over 400 yards in that game.

  • Uh, coming out of high school, he was elite.

  • I remember talking to David Schultz.

  • Uh, remember when we leave after Day two, we're walking out and we can go down or late.

  • We can barely walk after sitting and David Shaw kind of Ground.

  • I saw that.

  • I said, What do you think that Davis Mills, he went, Whoa, he's gonna be good And I remember looking at him and he went, Well, he's gonna be really good.

  • Maybe you never got to that level circumstances this year with Kobe and all that they played this season, but was interrupted all that we had the five starts about 11 career starts as a dangerous number, but not for a 3rd 4th rounder.

  • Which is where I think some people think second round, I'm thinking more third or fourth.

  • I'd be interested to see Todd what you're hearing on Davis Mills, but he's a guy that not enough people have talked about this year is going to maybe be the sixth or seventh quarterback taken Yeah, I actually like him.

  • I think he's got potential.

  • He's not there yet.

  • Like you said, he doesn't have the starts.

  • Travesty was what 13 starts coming out of North Carolina and that that was scary at the time.

  • And you still wonder how much that's played into his pro career.

  • You've got to have game experience, but this is a different year.

  • This is a different year, and he clearly has the physical tools I keep hearing Third round is like is the highest is the ceiling, but more more likely fourth and could potentially be fifth.

  • But I think it's probably gonna be early day three.

  • And this is why the 11 starts field.

  • Torbinsky was a second pick in the draft.

  • We're talking about a maybe late day, too early day three picks, so that minimizes the risk here.

  • With Davis Milton only having 11 starts, he is fascinated.

  • As you mentioned.

  • Not only did David Shaw have high hopes for him after a couple of years, I mean, as I think Mel you mentioned earlier too, like he was what the number one pocket pastor coming out of high school, which we know that you know high school grades and stars don't always translate to college production or pro production.

  • But there were some traits that people saw and Davis Mills a long time ago that make him an intriguing guy.

  • Four or five years later.

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